1 Dead After Grandfather Defends Teenage Granddaughter Against Attempted Rape During Home Invasion

A 67-year-old North Carolina grandfather defended his family after a trio of armed robbers stormed into their home, and also successfully stopped the attempted rape of his 19-year-old granddaughter.

The men came into the house around 10pm Monday night with guns and demanded money. They forced the grandfather and his wife to the back of the home and told them to open the safe. During this time, the men attempted to rape their granddaughter. However, the grandfather was able to get his firearm and fight back.

He managed to fire and hit all three suspects, but was also hit numerous times himself.

The trio took off in the grandfather’s car and two of them later turned up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds. The third was found in the stolen car by police and had already died of his injuries.

The grandfather was taken to the hospital and according to family members on Facebook, had undergone surgery and is currently in critical condition. We are hoping that he makes a full recovery and commend him for his bravery when faced with these armed thugs.

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