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If You’re Nervous About Carrying With A Round In The Chamber, Try This
For many, carrying with a round in the chamber is a step that hasn't been taken yet. The reasons vary, but it's definitely an issue for a lot of... Read More
How Safe Is It To Carry With A Round In The Chamber?
The most common question that we receive from people who are new to concealed carry is this: Should I carry with a round in the chamber? We know... Read More
Why we always recommend carrying with a round in the chamber. *WARNING: GRAPHIC*
*WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO* The internet brings us many great things, and also brings us closer to the true realities of everyday life. Hearing about... Read More
Should you carry with a round in the chamber; Part 2
If you've ever asked yourself the question that's in the title of this article, you're going to want to give this a good solid read. Quite a while... Read More
Should I carry with a round in the chamber?
Yes. But why? Because this: And... Read More
Background Checks Couldn’t Help: Gun Used In City Hall Shooting Was Obtained Through Straw Purchase
With a strong desire, people will find ways to get their hands on firearms to cause harm. This is a fact, and it's shown here again in this latest... Read More
Indecisive NH Lawmakers Allow Concealed Carry In House Chambers . . . Again
Firearms were first banned in NH house chambers in the 1970's, and since then has gone back and forth with the idea. Now, the Republican-led House of... Read More
Tips For Carrying Concealed On A Motorcycle
When that beautiful weather hits, it's time to go for a ride.  A lot of motorcyclists are getting onto the roads this summer to soak up good weather... Read More
Firearm Maintenance For Concealed Carry Pistols
Modern firearms are usually made to exacting standards.  It doesn't matter if it's a Hi-Point or a Kimber, the modern manufacturing process usually... Read More
Permitless Concealed Carry Advances In Utah Senate – Will It Get Vetoed AGAIN?
Is it a game of rinse and repeat or are Utahns ready for constitutional carry?  As Utah Senate Bill 256 (SB256) advances, Gov. Gary Herbert appears... Read More
Gun Glossary: Every Term You Could Possibly Need, In One Spot!
Republished with permission from The Well Armed Woman Ever wanted to know the meaning of a term used in the world of firearms? You shouldn't have... Read More
PREPAREDNESS PAYS OFF: Employee Held At Gunpoint, Draws His Cleverly-Placed Firearm And Shoots Armed Robber
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- A store employee shot and killed a man as he attempted to rob him at gunpoint while he was entering his work Thursday... Read More
Brutal Honesty Time: I’ve Been Carrying Wrong, And Practicing Wrong
I'll be the first to admit, I'm far from perfect. My wife would tell you otherwise as she tells me I have a complex where I think I'm always right.... Read More
Tips For Starting Your Day; Concealed Carry Setup
For most people, beginning their day is a routine. It’s a set schedule of activities that includes showering, eating, and dressing for the day.... Read More
[BEGINNERS GUIDE] Single Action, DA/SA, or DAO: Which One Is Right For You?
One of the choices the beginning concealed carrier has to make is the type of firearm to carry. The majority choose the semi-automatic or... Read More