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A Tennessee native with wife, child and a strong desire to protect them no matter what. I am fairly new to the Gun Culture and have been Conceal Carrying since 2012.
[FIREARM REVIEW] Glock 19 Gen3 Review for Concealed Carry
I never thought I would become a Glock fanatic.  My experience with Firearms was limited to a Ruger P95.  What a bulky (but well made) firearm that... Read More
Why I Carry a Firearm…
A great responsibility is assumed when one decides to daily carry a Firearm. A Responsibility that should never be taken for less than what it... Read More
[FIREARM REVIEW] Ruger P95 9MM review for Concealed Carry
Consistency, durability and ruggedness. All excellent qualities of a fine American made Firearm. The Ruger P95 has been written about for many years... Read More
Why is Concealed Carry important in the United States?
For those Americans who carry- the ability to conceal is more important today than any other time. The actions of the few have scared the many into a... Read More