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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster.
Here Is The Same-sex Marriage Victory Speech, If It Were Written For A Constitutional Carry Victory
By Scott F. Here is Scott's take on the President's same-sex marriage speech, had it been written for Constitutional Carry instead. Our nation... Read More
SCOTUS Says Yes To Gay Marriage, And (Maybe) Also Constitutional Carry; Here’s Why
By Ripcord (via Today’s ruling by SCOTUS on same sex marriage has the left jumping for joy and many on the right... Read More
Beginners Guide: NEVER “Shoot To Kill”
By Robert Farago via The correct expression is “shoot to stop the threat.” That’s what you’re trying to do when you... Read More
[BREAKING] Escaped Prisoner Richard Matt Shot And Killed In NY
PLATTSBURGH, NEW YORK -- One of the two escaped prisoners from Clinton County Correctional Facility in New York, Richard Matt, was shot and killed by... Read More
Here’s One Way To Stop A Home Intruder: Hogtie Them
KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- While this story doesn't have to do with firearms, it does have to do with a home invasion attempt. It also has something to do... Read More
Man Forced To Kill Home Intruder, And It’s The Second Time In Four Months
FRANKLIN COUNTY, MISSOURI -- A homeowner came face to face with a home intruder and killed him in self-defense. It's the second time in just four... Read More
Another Domino’s Delivery Driver Defies “No Guns” Policy, And It Saves His Life
HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- Because of an act of defiance against Domino's Pizza's "No Guns" policy for it's delivery drivers, one of their drivers is... Read More
Here Is Why Our Policy Is To Never Publish The Names Or Photos Of Mass Shooters
This is a rant. Their names and faces flood the media with relentless force after they've done the unthinkable. The reason? Because people are... Read More
[VIDEO] Always Know What’s Beyond Your Target: Ax Edition
This has nothing to do with concealed carry, but everything to do with knowing what's beyond and behind your target.... Read More
[VIDEO] Training At An Indoor Range That Doesn’t Allow Training
By Dan Zimmerman via Square ranges are awfully limiting. As Kevin Michalowski points out in the video above, they place all... Read More
Stupid Product Of The Month Gives You A Better Shot At Getting Shot For Using Your Phone
If people make a stupid product, you can bet that stupid people will buy it. Yep, that's an iPhone case meant to look like a handgun. Why... Read More
NY SAFE Act Registration Numbers Are In – And They’re Pretty Embarrassing
ALBANY, NEW YORK -- With continued pressure to hand over the total number of New Yorkers who registered their 'assault weapons' under Governor... Read More
Indie Newspaper Editor Doesn’t Understand Guns: Let’s Guide Him
Logan Cordes is the Summer Editor of an independent college publication called The Exponent out of Indiana. I got to know Cordes through his article... Read More
Concealed Carrying Bar Employee Stops Man Who Started Firing Shotgun Inside Bar
YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO -- A man was killed at a bar by an employee who had a valid concealed carry permit, and likely saved numerous lives. The incident... Read More
Bob Shrum Relieved That Churchgoers Weren’t Armed In Charleston
By Robert Farago via I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: when innocent people are gunned down by a spree killer... Read More