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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster.
Recorded Conversation: Anti-Gun Group Calls Victim’s Sister To Get Her Support And She Gave Them Her Piece Of Mind
The sister of Jennie Cochran, Jessie Doyle, was shot to death in 2013 by her estranged husband who was a convicted felon. Since then, Cochran has... Read More
Three Years Into Concealed Carry In Wisconsin And They Have Already Issued 243,000 Permits
Wisconsin became the 49th state to throw concealed carry on the books and since that happened just three years ago, the state has issued 243,000... Read More
[BREAKING] Concealed Carrier Kills Gunman In Houston Restaurant
HOUSTON, TX -- An armed concealed carrier at a Texas restaurant shot and killed an active gunman when he opened fire from outside the... Read More
[VIDEO] Man Fires Machine Gun Into Crowd In Italy; Why I Carry
File this under 'Why I Carry' and remember how important our right to carry is. CCTV footage emerged Saturday of a man firing a machine gun on the... Read More
Kentucky Now Accepts Concealed Carry Permit Applications Online
Kentucky has made changes to it's laws surrounding concealed carry and now allows people to complete and submit their application online. The... Read More
3-Year-Old Shoots Both Parents With One Bullet After Getting Hands On Mother’s Firearm In Her Purse
Another inexcusable discharge of a firearm, a 3-year-old child was able to get a hold of his mother's firearm that was sitting in her purse. The... Read More
Armed Dominos Manager Sends Three Armed Thugs Running
BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS -- It's funny how these 'tough guys' aren't so tough when the playing field is leveled when one of their intended victims is... Read More
[VIDEO] Robber Plays Dead After Store Owner Draws Gun
The video above supposedly shows an attempted robbery where the store owner draws a big 'ol revolver from behind the counter when a man tries to rob... Read More
[VIDEO] Traffic Stop: Ohio Cop Praises Driver For Having His Concealed Carry Permit
Aah, refreshing. As it should be (and often times is). Have you ever been stopped while carrying? Here are our recommendations of what to do during a... Read More
[VIDEO] Dad Of The Year: College Student Glad Her Dad Gave Her A Gun When She Went Off To School
I don't have a daughter but if I did, I'd want her to be protected when I wasn't around. That's exactly the thinking of Sable Nehme's father before... Read More
Background Checks Couldn’t Help: Gun Used In City Hall Shooting Was Obtained Through Straw Purchase
With a strong desire, people will find ways to get their hands on firearms to cause harm. This is a fact, and it's shown here again in this latest... Read More
Man Interviews Random People About Repealing The Bill Of Rights, The Responses Are Sheepish
Meet the Americans who want Obama to repeal the Bill of Rights in order to keep the country safe from terrorists. Political prankster Mark Dice asks... Read More
[VIDEO] Don’t Have Your Own Gun? Just Take It From The Armed Robber
This shopkeeper is part ninja, part crazy. In a split second, he is able to turn the tables on this armed robber by snatching his gun right from his... Read More
First Batch Of DC Concealed Carry Permits Have Been Issued, For A Grand Total Of Eight
So far, eight lucky DC residents are legally able to carry a concealed firearm after paying fees, training for days and proving that their lives are... Read More
UCF Student Fights Back Against Two Robbers That Broke Into Her Apartment; A Good Girl With A Gun
A female University of Central Florida student defended herself and roommate against two armed robbers that broke into their student housing... Read More