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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster.
[VIDEO] Possibly The Most Awesome Slow-Motion Video Of Shooting Things
The Truth About Guns found this video that was uploaded just a few days ago... and it's awesome. What I wouldn't give for a slow motion camera of... Read More
Man Who Was Accused Of Executing Drunk Driver For Killing His Two Sons Found NOT GUILTY
David Barajas, the father of two children who were mowed down by a drunk driver while helping to push their family car down a road after it ran out... Read More
[VIDEO] The Dreaded Squib Load: This Video Is Sure To Make You Yell At Your Computer Screen
About 1:10 into this video, we have a shooter practicing a drill. On the last shot, we hear a soft 'bang' with some smoke coming out of the muzzle.... Read More
Texas School District Now Has Signs That Say “Hey Bad Guys, We Will Shoot Back”
Leave it to the folks in Texas to do something amazing for students and gun rights alike. Argyle ISD now has some brand-spankin' new signs on each... Read More
Man Pretends To Surrender To Hostage Taker, Then Draws His Concealed Firearm And Takes A Perfect Head Shot
Wow, what a shot! More importantly, is it a shot that you would have taken? This comes to us from a user who directed us over to a thread in Reddit... Read More
California Court Rules That 10 Day Waiting Period On Purchased Firearms Is Unconstitutional
I'll wait while you pick yourself up off the ground, since you've obviously fainted after reading that headline... Now that you're back, it's true... Read More
Chicago Crime Rates Drop Across The Board Since Allowing Concealed Carry
It's no surprise to us that crime is taking a nose-dive in the state of Illinois after they became the last state in the country to allow it's... Read More
You Won’t Believe Why This 7-Eleven Clerk Shot A Thief In The Head
First, this clerk is not a responsible gun owner for multiple reasons. The first being that the gun turned out to be stolen. Second, you don't shoot... Read More
[VIDEO] Personal Defense Tips: Defensive Shooting Standard Drill
This great video comes to us from YouTuber PersonalDefenseNet and features Rob Pincus explaining his "Defensive Shooting Standards" drill. Many... Read More
Gun Owner Goes After Robber Once Threat Has Passed, What Would You Have Done?
A Georgia man fired shots at a pair of robbers on Thursday while he was out at a GameStop to buy a game for his son. The man, Tim Jackson, was... Read More
You Are Invited To Dinner At A New Friend’s Home, Do You Ask Permission To Carry Inside Their Home?
I tend to write articles around questions that I get on the Facebook page often, and this is one of those questions. I figure, for every person who... Read More
Rick Perry Loses His Texas Concealed Carry Permit, Raises Money With His Mugshot
Governor Rick Perry has lost his ability to legally carry a firearm following an indictment the other week on charges of coercion of a public... Read More
[VIDEO] Robber Enters Store, Points Gun At Clerk, Owner Points Own Gun At Robber, Robber Loses
Maybe even better than this story itself is the look on the news anchor's face in the video above when he talks about the store owner turning the... Read More
Man Shoots Shotgun In Air To Scare Intruders, Is Arrested, Uses Biden Defense, Charges Dropped
Remember last year during the gun talks on the federal level when Vice President Joe Biden gave his recommendation to ward off intruders by going on... Read More
Robber Needs A New Hobby After A 72-Year-Old Woman Gained Control Of His Gun And Turned The Tables
I'll file this under 'LOL Of The Day'. A 20-year-old man decided to walk into Orlando's Food Market this past Wednesday and tried to make a quick... Read More