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Maureen is a fresh new blogger with a background in Childhood Education and Information Science. Relatively new to firearms, Maureen is diving head first in helping to advocate for concealed carry across our nation's gun-free zones.
County Rules Concealed-Carry Holder Justified In Fatal Utah Shooting
On October 14, Aaron Smith shot his brother-in-law, Robert Van Hemert, in their Utah home following a family argument. But officials have ruled that... Read More
VA Man Detained for (Legal) Possession of Guns
Apparently now just possessing a gun, without even committing a crime, can get you arrested. A Virginia man was ordered at gunpoint to the ground,... Read More
School Bus Driver Mistakes Confetti Poppers for Gunshots
Here’s something you don’t hear everyday. Students in Florida could be facing punishments after the confetti birthday favors they were playing... Read More
Police to Seize Handguns Days After CCW Permit Holders’ Deaths
Making funeral arrangements, laying a loved one to rest, and going through his or her belongings is difficult for anyone. But New York State is... Read More
Oh No! A Gun Store Opens Across The Street From A School!
A gun shop 200 yards from a school? Sounds unusual, and I’m sure we can all anticipate the comments from neighbors, parents, and school... Read More
10-Year-Old Competitive Shooter Draws National Attention
We all remember the story from a few months ago where a 9-year-old girl on vacation with her family in Arizona accidentally shot and killed her... Read More
Update: Men Who Taped Slap-Happy Sheriff Plan To Sue County
For those of you following the story of the Saratoga County Sheriff’s (ex)Sergeant who was caught on tape slapping a man, the two men involved in... Read More
Possible End of Restrictions For Concealed Carriers In California
Back in February of this year, a three judge panel ruled against restrictions on concealed carry permits for California residents. As of Wednesday,... Read More
Los Angeles Proposal to Require Gun Owners To Store Firearms in Locked Containers
A new ordinance was proposed in Los Angeles this past Friday. The ordinance would require gun owners in the city of Los Angeles to store their... Read More
Poll: Guns Make The Home Safer Or More Dangerous?
Let’s take a poll: Does keeping a gun in your house make it a safer place or does it make it more dangerous? Here are some stats for you from... Read More
Teens Suspended For Holding Guns In Homecoming Pictures
Many high school students look forward to their school’s homecoming weekend. The football game, the dance, and of course, pre-dance pictures are... Read More
New Illinois Concealed Carry Business Hopes To Change The Minds Of Critics
Last week, visitors were welcomed to Marc Jens’ open house at Concealed Carry Safety for Personal Defense, Inc., in Niles, Illinois. Interested... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Not Just An Ordinary Trip To Walmart For One National Guardsman
Joshua Nelson is a 2nd Lt. in the West Virginia Air National Guard and a licensed concealed firearm carrier. Earlier this year, he and his family... Read More
Concealed Carry Class Offered For Deaf Community In Kentucky
As more and more people across the country wish to obtain their concealed carry permit, the typical concealed carrier isn’t so typical anymore. All... Read More
Proposal To Allow Guns On School Property In Wisconsin
The gun rights group ‘Wisconsin Carry’ is working on a proposal to legalize guns on Wisconsin school properties. Like most states in the... Read More