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Maureen is a fresh new blogger with a background in Childhood Education and Information Science. Relatively new to firearms, Maureen is diving head first in helping to advocate for concealed carry across our nation's gun-free zones.
Anti-Gun Democratic Senator Arrested During Ferguson Protest And Found With Loaded Handgun
Missouri state Senator Jamilah Nasheed was arrested Monday night during a protest outside of a local police department in honor of Missouri teenager... Read More
Florida Woman Shoots At Venomous Snake, Ends Up In Jail
It’s a known issue about the number of snakes in Florida. Well, a Panama City woman decided to take on the problem herself. Thirty-year-old April... Read More
Follow-up: Judge Stands By Decision To Ban Concealed Firearms At State Fair
Last week, we talked about the group that was advocating to be able to carry concealed firearms at the North Carolina State Fair. We don’t want to... Read More
DC Police Chief Says Cab Drivers Should Not Carry Concealed Guns
Along with everything else that the District of Columbia is trying to change, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says that taxi drivers should be banned... Read More
Former Florida Physician Teaches Women How To Shoot
Diane Sutton was a physician in her own private practice in Florida for over 20 years. She spent her time working as an OB/GYN and worked in... Read More
Washington DC Set To Prosecute Non-Licensed Firearms Carriers
Mayor Vincent C. Gray just signed the new “emergency” law last Friday. Those who are carrying without a permit will have their firearms... Read More
Missouri’s Open Carry Standards Changed
Kansas City, Missouri, a city that previously entirely banned openly carrying firearms, was forced to change the ban to comply with the new state... Read More
Group Advocates For Concealed Carry At State Fair
The North Carolina State Fair is coming up next week, and there is an ongoing attempt to allow people with concealed carry permits to bring their... Read More
Missouri Man Arrested After Firing Gun Into Sky To Scare Thieves
What do you think about this situation? A Missouri man was at his home when he caught two thieves stealing car tires from his yard. Trying to protect... Read More
Bonidy v. United States: Appeal With U.S. Postal Service On Carrying Guns
On Wednesday last week, the Tenth Circuit heard oral arguments in federal court in Bonidy v. United States, where a rural Colorado man is calling... Read More
George Zimmerman To Tell His Side Of The Story
Be sure to tune in to Armed American Radio on Sunday, October 19. The website reported that George Zimmerman will be on the air to have the... Read More
New Jersey Man Shoots Neighbor’s Drone Out Of The Sky With Shotgun
32-year-old Russell Percenti has been arraigned on criminal mischief and weapons charges after he shot down his neighbor’s drone near the Jersey... Read More
DC Loses Fingerprints, Requires Gun Owners To Register Again, Plus A Look At The New Requirements
Have you heard what’s going on with registered gun owners in Washington DC? At the beginning of 2014, Washington started a mandatory gun... Read More
Add This Restaurant To Your Bucket List: Grits-N-Gravy, Owner Openly Carries Handgun at Work
Here’s a restaurant all gun enthusiasts need to check out: Grits-N-Gravy located in Elberta, Alabama.  They’re known for their coffee, grits,... Read More
The Well Armed Woman to Hold National Shooting Chapter Leader Conference in St. Louis
What are you doing this weekend? The nation’s largest women’s shooting organization, The Well Armed Woman, is holding their National Chapter... Read More