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[VIDEO] The Importance Of Securing Yourself, Your Family And Your Assets | NRA News Commentator Dom Raso
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[VIDEO] NRA News Commentators | Ep. 93: Billy Johnson “Demystifying Guns”
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Your Voice, Your Vote, Our Freedom: Vote No on I-594
Initiative 594 is a measure that will appear on Washington’s November ballot. A universal handgun registration scheme, I-594 would regulate... Read More
[VIDEO] Commentators Ep. 87: “Paranoia” With Billy Johnson
NRA News Commentator Billy Johnson says it’s not gun owners who carry that are paranoid, but it's those who are afraid of the people exercising... Read More
[VIDEO] Shaneen Allen: A Crusader of Change
A single mother of two young children, Shaneen Allen had already been robbed twice before she decided to buy a firearm to protect herself and her... Read More