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Shellshocked is a 13 year Active Duty Army Veteran with a broad experience and knowledge of all things firearms and ammunition related. A resident of Ohio, an Open Carry State, but prefers to remain among the ranks of the Concealed Nation. Although you will occasionally find him Open Carrying his FN 5.7 in a BlackHawk! Kydex retention paddle holster. His every day carry is a Beretta Storm PX4 Compact 15+1 in a StealthGearUSA ventilated Kydex IWB Holster. Spare Magazine, flashlight, and knife always on hand.
Concealed Carry Within The Vehicle, Encountering A Protest Turned Violent
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77-Year-Old Florida Resident Defends Home And Self Against Two Intruders, Killing One And Injuring Another
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Alabama Senate Passed New Firearm Bill That Allows Transportation Of Handgun In Vehicle Without Concealed Carry Permit
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Frequency Of Use: How Often Should You Clean And Practice With Your EDC?
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Tips For Traveling With Your Firearm By Land And Air
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Tips For Starting Your Day; Concealed Carry Setup
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[FIREARM REVIEW] Glock 23 Gen 4
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West Virginia Pushes Pro-Gun Legislation In The Form Of Permetless Concealed Carry
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Do You Use Magazine Holders?
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Florida State Campus Gun Bill Approved By Senate Committee
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[APP REVIEW] The Legal Heat Smartphone App
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Passing The Bill, Allowing Concealed Carry In Schools
On Tuesday, the North Dakota House of Representatives passed Legislation that would allow licensed concealed carry permit holders to carry on school... Read More