Beginners Guide

How Hard Is It To Take Your Handgun To Canada?
Some of the very best hunting and fishing in North America can be found in Canada.  However, our brother to the North does not have the same... Read More
Beware Of This Trick Home Invaders Use To Get In The Door!
KSAT News 12 recently reported on a devious tactic some home invaders are using to get access to your house.  According to a recent report, a woman... Read More
Out With The Old, Maybe In With The New? Here Are The Ways To Legally Dispose Of A Firearm
Modern pistols and revolvers are pretty resilient. You can push upwards of tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition through them before mechanical... Read More
Beginners Guide: NEVER “Shoot To Kill”
By Robert Farago via The correct expression is “shoot to stop the threat.” That’s what you’re trying to do when you... Read More
Magazine Dilemma – Single Stack Or Double Stack?
Slim-line conceal-ability or fight sustainability? That's a question many concealed carriers have to ask themselves when selecting their concealed... Read More
Why Concealed Carriers Grill Out Vs Go Out; Top 4 Things Conceal Carriers Do That Most Don’t
Who doesn't like going out for a night on the town?  There's nothing like getting off from a long week at work and heading out to mingle with all... Read More
Do You Really Need Pistol Training To Carry Concealed?
There are a lot of states that require some form of mandatory training prior to issuing a concealed carry permit.  In almost all cases, that... Read More
[VIDEO] Training At An Indoor Range That Doesn’t Allow Training
By Dan Zimmerman via Square ranges are awfully limiting. As Kevin Michalowski points out in the video above, they place all... Read More
Civil Forfeiture of Firearms – How To Get Your Guns Back
Weapons routinely get confiscated by law enforcement.  After a self-defense scenario has taken place, police may often ask to take your firearms... Read More
Does Your Work Allow Concealed Carry? A Closer Look, State By State
When you started your job, you were likely excited to begin a new part of your career.  When you walked through those front doors on the first day... Read More
Why You Need To Wear A Tactical CCW Belt
When you first start into the world of carrying a concealed firearm, there's a bunch of considerations you'll be forced to make that you wouldn't... Read More
Firearm Maintenance For Concealed Carry Pistols
Modern firearms are usually made to exacting standards.  It doesn't matter if it's a Hi-Point or a Kimber, the modern manufacturing process usually... Read More
Becoming A Better Shooter: 3 Tricks To Tighten Your Shot Groups
Accuracy is essential for concealed carriers.  Whereas a hobbyist may shoot simply for leisure and pleasure, a concealed carrier has to be able to... Read More
Concealed Carry For Women: Building Your Concealed Carry System
By Carrie Lightfoot from "Carrying a gun isn't supposed to be comfortable, it is supposed to be a comfort"  Clint... Read More
Things To Consider Before Deciding To Carry Concealed
Am I willing to use my firearm to defend myself and others? A big part of being a concealed carrier is knowing that it comes with a heavy... Read More