Beginners Guide

Beginners: Three Reasons You Should Carry A Handgun
By Robert Farago. Republished with permission from As discussed in a previous article, carrying a gun outside the home... Read More
Tips For Starting Your Day; Concealed Carry Setup
For most people, beginning their day is a routine. It’s a set schedule of activities that includes showering, eating, and dressing for the day.... Read More
How To Manage Your Magazines: 3 Rules
By Robert Farago. Republished with permission from We ran a Question of the Day asking the number of ammunition magazines... Read More
Smaller And Lighter Are Not Always Better
DoubleTap Defense .45 ACP. Length 5.5", height 3.9", thickness 0.665". Weight, approximately 15 oz. Capacity 2. On Concealed Nation, we emphasize... Read More
Here Are Three Things That Every Concealed Carrier Should Carry
By Robert Farago. Republished with permission from Disclaimer: this post is aimed at people who have not yet committed to... Read More
Favorite Holsters And Carry Locations For Women
One of the most exciting shifts I am seeing is that many more women are carrying concealed and the way they carry their firearms is changing! ... Read More
Question: Do You Look Down Every Time You Holster/Re-holster Your Firearm?
Some will say yes, some will say no. Does it even matter, really? Well I guess it depends on a couple different factors, the two most important being... Read More
[BEGINNERS GUIDE] Single Action, DA/SA, or DAO: Which One Is Right For You?
One of the choices the beginning concealed carrier has to make is the type of firearm to carry. The majority choose the semi-automatic or... Read More
[VIDEO] How To Remove The Base Plate On Glock Magazines
"How do I get the base plate off my Glock magazine? It's driving me nuts!!" We've heard it more than once, so here's a simple way to get them off for... Read More
[VIDEO] How NOT To Shoot A Revolver
Hickok45 shows us how NOT to hold a revolver when you shoot it. I've seen it myself with a .22 revolver, and the shooter got a pretty bad burn on his... Read More
Which Round For Self-Defense?
Self-defense rounds compared. From L to R; .380 ACP, 9 mm Luger, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .44 Special, .44 Magnum, .45... Read More
A Closer Look At The Revolver For Concealed Carry
The author's personal Ruger SP101 in a Mitch Rosen 5JR holster. Note the aftermarket grips which soak up the stiff recoil of the .357 Magnum. Extra... Read More
New To Carrying? Here Are 5 Things To Consider
So, lately I've been thinking quite a bit about conceal carry and how there are many people out there getting their permits and carrying for the... Read More
Concealed Carry In California; A Look At The Process Of Obtaining A Permit
Those of us who live in California are all too familiar with the challenges that come with buying, owning, and carrying firearms. When we make the... Read More
Craigslist Tragedy For Elderly Georgia Couple: Why I Carry; Caveat Emptor
Suspect Ronnie "Jay" Towns, 28, left, and victims Elrey "Bud" Runion, 69, and his 66-year-old wife June, right. The phrase caveat emptor is Latin... Read More