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Carjacking And Concealed Carry
Anyone who follows their local news will invariably come across stories of carjacking. The US Department of Justice reported an annual rate of... Read More
The Beginning Of Concealed Carry; Things To Consider
By no means do I consider myself to be an expert in the arts of everyday carry, concealed or open. A majority of my knowledge comes from habitual... Read More
Training For Concealed Carry; Some Things Should Never End
View image | Folks who carry concealed are a diverse lot. We are of different ages and occupations. We live in large cities,... Read More
[VIDEO] A Few Tips & Tricks To Make Cleaning Your Semi-Auto Pistol A Little Easier
It's important to keep a nicely maintained firearm, and that includes a good cleaning each and every time. Here are a few tips & tricks you can... Read More
Hypothetical Situations: When Would You Draw?
Sometimes when I'm out with my family at a restaurant or mall food court or lots of other places, I often wonder what if. What if we were sitting in... Read More
Hidden In Plain Sight; Concealed Carry Tips & Tricks
This is what concealed carry is all about right? In this article I will share a few tips and tricks that I have learned from being a concealed carry... Read More
20 Tips For Newbies Who Carry Concealed (Or Plan To Carry In The Future)
We were all n00bs at one point, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. The fact that you're actively seeking out information on concealed carry says a... Read More
Range Gun VS Carry Gun
All too often, I see people that have a "Range gun" and a "Carry gun". Often times at the range they end up training more with the range gun than... Read More
[VIDEO] How To Wear And Adjust A Concealed Carry IWB Holster
This video by Alien Gear Holsters provides a great demonstration of how to wear and make any necessary adjustments to your IWB... Read More
What Is The Best Handgun For Beginners?
Out of the thousands of questions that I've seen on Concealed Nation, this is up there in the top 5 without a doubt. So many new faces are coming... Read More
Have You Ever Done Home Invasion Drills?
As many of you have already figured out, we don't just cover concealed carry. We often post articles of a good guy successfully stopping a bad guy.... Read More
I Met Someone Today Who Uses Target Ammo (FMJ) As Carry Ammo, So Yea, They’re Out There
I was taken aback during a conversation with someone I had just met, after we learned that each of us carries a firearm. For the purposes of this... Read More
[VIDEO] The Dangers Of A Squib Load: Rifle Explodes In Girls Hands
Is video shows a very serious and very dangerous example of why it's important to know that your barrel is clear from obstruction. If something... Read More
8 Things You May Do That Give Away The Fact You’re Carrying A Firearm
Let's face it, even the most seasoned concealed carrier will sometimes find him or herself drawing a little attention to themselves and their... Read More
[VIDEO] Does Your Leather Holster Squeak? Here Are Some Tips To Fix It
This is the second installement of "How to fix your squeaky holster", although the information is the same. This time though, we have a... Read More