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Learning The Hard Way: I Injured My Dominant Arm And Now I Can’t Shoot
I'm still not quite sure what I did, but it happened in my sleep. I woke up with an elbow that hurt like you wouldn't believe ... but only if I moved... Read More
The Well Armed Woman to Hold National Shooting Chapter Leader Conference in St. Louis
What are you doing this weekend? The nation’s largest women’s shooting organization, The Well Armed Woman, is holding their National Chapter... Read More
[VIDEO] What Really Happens In A Gunfight?
What do you think happens in a gunfight? It's not Hollywood, that's for sure. The dynamic nature of a deadly force encounter is something you need to... Read More
If You’re Nervous About Carrying With A Round In The Chamber, Try This
For many, carrying with a round in the chamber is a step that hasn't been taken yet. The reasons vary, but it's definitely an issue for a lot of... Read More
Are You a Deliberate Man? (Or Woman?)
By:  Lt. Charlie Strickland Are you a deliberate man, or woman? In the many movies about Wyatt Earp, one of my favorite scenes, and one that sums... Read More
[VIDEO] Things That Have Been Learned After 15 Years Of Carrying Concealed
Here is a great video from YouTuber Cr0cket20 that goes over numerous things that he has learned over the years while carrying concealed. This is a... Read More
If You Ever Go To The Post Office, You May Be Breaking The Law
If you've ever walked into a post office while carrying your firearm, then you've broken the law. Up until a few months ago, even if you drove into... Read More
[VIDEO] The Dreaded Squib Load: This Video Is Sure To Make You Yell At Your Computer Screen
About 1:10 into this video, we have a shooter practicing a drill. On the last shot, we hear a soft 'bang' with some smoke coming out of the muzzle.... Read More
You Are Invited To Dinner At A New Friend’s Home, Do You Ask Permission To Carry Inside Their Home?
I tend to write articles around questions that I get on the Facebook page often, and this is one of those questions. I figure, for every person who... Read More
I Have Two Identical Pistols For Concealed Carry And Here’s Why
If you've been around this website for longer than a few weeks, you should know by now that my favorite carry pistol ever is the Glock 27. It's... Read More
[VIDEO] Should You Verbally Warn An Intruder?
The folks over at ask an important question that you may not think about. During a home invasion, do you verbally warn the... Read More
6 Considerations When Choosing a Handgun for Concealed Carry
Above is my Glock 27. It's my primary carry firearm. I have never had such a problem picking something out as I did while trying to find the... Read More
Is Having A Drink An OK Thing To Do While You Are Carrying A Firearm?
On September 28th 2013, I quit smoking cigarettes. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, but I got through it and will be... Read More
Teacher On Field Trip To NYC Brings Her Gun And It Doesn’t End Well For Her
Diane Watkins is a school teacher who happens to possess a concealed carry permit in the State of New York. While not entirely impossible to get a... Read More
How Often Should You Clean Your Concealed Carry Firearm?
Right off the bat, I know what some of you are thinking: "Well, if you're practicing with it on a regular basis, then you should be cleaning it after... Read More