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[VIDEO] Concealed Carry Don’ts
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4 Self Defense Tools That You Can Carry All The Time
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5 Rules To Follow If You Pocket Carry
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Why You Should Keep Your Carry Firearm Stock
!!!AFTERMARKET PARTS!!! !!!AFTERMARKET PARTS!!! !!!AFTERMARKET PARTS!!! !!!AFTERMARKET PARTS!!! Believe me, I love them just as much as the next... Read More
The 10 Best Concealed Carry Guns
Once in a while, a pistol stands out as a perfect option for those of us who carry concealed. It's a personal decision as to which you choose, but... Read More
Carrying a Firearm Under Just a T-shirt
The Yankee Marshall gives us a great video that demonstrates just how easy it can be to conceal your firearm under a normal t-shirt. While we like... Read More
10 Tips for Concealed Carry Beginners (and friendly reminders for experts)
You've decided to carry a concealed firearm and that's great! Before you dive head first into it, let's go over a few tips that will help you on your... Read More
10 Common Concealed Carry Mistakes
This is a guest post from Dieter Heren, owner of, a site devoted to hunting, fishing, and shooting. He can also be found on... Read More
[VIDEO] Concealed Carry Draw: Different methods of drawing from concealment
Here is a great video from YouTube channel Range Time TS that shows us some different techniques while drawing from concealment. Notice in the... Read More
How to easily find the best ammo prices on the web
A friend of ours told us about a nice little tool that he uses to find in-stock ammo all over the internet...and you can even sort it by price per... Read More
[VIDEO] How To Properly Grip a Semi-Auto Pistol
This is a great video from our friend and one of our favorite youtubers, Mrgunsngear Channel. In this video, he easily demonstrates the correct way... Read More
Concealed Carry for Women during the Summer Months
The hot weather of summer can make concealed carry quite a challenge, and for many women, this results in leaving the gun at home. Unfortunately,... Read More
Bigger isn’t always better (when choosing a carry gun)
This is a guest post written by Dieter Heren, owner of, a website devoted to hunting, shooting, and fishing. There's a... Read More
“I don’t carry when I don’t feel the need” is a bad state of mind to be in
Face it, most of the time we hear similar things said after bad things happen; "We never thought anything like this would happen here. Not in our... Read More
When something goes wrong, how do you get back in the fight? Tap, Rack, Bang
If you've been around firearms for a while, chances are you've experienced some sort of malfunction with a firearm you were operating. At the range,... Read More