Beginners Guide

Gun Shop Etiquette
For most of you, a trip to the gun shop is like a child's trip to Disney; You don't ever want to leave. With these trips come unwritten rules of how... Read More
The 4 Rules of Gun Safety
The 4 rules of gun safety were put in place to ensure that no accidents happen. If these rules are followed 100% of the time, you can rest assured... Read More
How to fix your squeaky leather holster; A few quick and easy tips!
If you've ever used a leather holster, or a leather/kydex holster, you have probably had the thing make a few squeaking noises when you move around.... Read More
25 Things That Only People Who Carry Concealed Would Understand
1. When you first start carrying concealed, it feels like the entire world... Read More
How Often Should You Unload The Magazine Of Your Concealed Carry Firearm?
These questions seems to pop up a lot; How often should I empty my magazine? Should I alternate magazines? What happens to my springs? The truth... Read More
Should I carry with a round in the chamber?
Yes. But why? Because this: And... Read More
Concealed Carry options; outlining the different locations and methods
When deciding to carry concealed, you are faced with a very important decision; What is the best way for me to conceal my firearm that will allow me... Read More
Traffic Stop while carrying concealed; What to do if you’re pulled over
Face it; you aren't a perfect driver and you have probably been pulled over at least once in your lifetime. That is sure to happen again, but what... Read More
Female Concealed Carry Options
It’ 9:40 pm and I’m pondering my wardrobe for tomorrow. Yes, I am that girl. The most important part of my wardrobe is my firearm of choice and... Read More
Why is Concealed Carry important in the United States?
For those Americans who carry- the ability to conceal is more important today than any other time. The actions of the few have scared the many into a... Read More
Before you decide to Concealed Carry; A Beginners Guide
When we began the Concealed Nation Facebook Page, we realized that many of the users would not yet be concealed carriers. Some are in the process of... Read More