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What Happens When A Gun Goes Missing? Hopefully Not This…
BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA -- The Courier Mail of Brisbane covered the conclusion of something all of us wondered, "what happens when a gun goes missing?" ... Read More
Off-Duty Deputy Drops Concealed Carry Pistol In Airsoft Course – 10 Year Old Recovers It!
PLYMOUTH, CALIFORNIA -- A young boy on an airsoft course discovered a real pistol laying on the ground.  Recognizing that this wasn't an airsoft... Read More
Permitless Purse Carry And More! Gun Laws Go Into Effect In Mississippi
SOUTHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI -- July 1 marked the date when new Mississippi gun laws went into effect.  In Mississippi, it is now legal to carry a... Read More
Former CNN Anchor, Armed With Handgun, Stops Armed Motel Intruder… From The Shower! Pro Moves Here…
By Robert Farago via We joke about shower carry on this website. But it’s no joke. Check this out: “ Russell — a... Read More
Kansas – Congratulations! You May Now Collect On Your Right To Constitutional Carry!
TOPEKA, KANSAS -- KMBZ reports that today marks the first day that Kansas' permitless concealed carry law goes into effect.  All across the state,... Read More