Security Guard Arrested During Baltimore Riots for Carrying Concealed Without A CCW
It's the middle of one of the worst riots in Baltimore's recent history.  A police-related killing of an unarmed man, a country still reeling from... Read More
Armed Taxi Driver Defends Self Against Knife-Wielding Robber, Shooting And Killing Suspect
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KNOW YOUR COMPANY: Homeowner Shoots Home Invader In The Face Five Times, Later Learns It Was A Setup
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LETTER: Response! “Club Was Wrong To Host Utah Gun Permit Class”
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Obama’s Proposed Changes To ITAR Regulations Might Make Your Favorite Gun Sites And Videos Illegal
Official website to submit a comment: Federal Register Vol. 80 No. 106 Regarding Proposed Changes: Truth... Read More
Gun Control Happy Chicago Hits 1,000 Shootings YTD
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