Texas House Derails Open Carry
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- The Texas House stopped an open carry bill in it's tracks after refusing to sign off on a provision that would bar police officers... Read More
Concealed Carrier Has Firearm Taken And Disassembled By Police During Routine Traffic Stop, Is Then Searched
By Lee Williams. Republished with permission. (Source Link) Daniel Oliva has never been in trouble. Far from it. The 34-year-old, married... Read More
171 Ohio Concealed Carry Permits Revoked Because Of Bad Apple Instructor
LAKE COUNTY, OHIO -- Over 170 concealed carry permits that were issued in the state of Ohio have been revoked after it was learned that the permit... Read More
Latest Concealed Carry Law Updates From Around The Country
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Concealed Carry Within The Vehicle, Encountering A Protest Turned Violent
Regretfully, as we’ve observed in the news lately, the occurrence of angry protests are on the rise. With incidents like Ferguson and Baltimore in... Read More
Amazing Slow Motion Video Of Two Double Barrel 1911’s Fired At The Same Time
Jerry dual wields (quad wields?) 2 double barrel .45 ACP 1911 pistols made by Arsenal Firearms (AF2011) making him the first person to shoot "4" 1911... Read More