Second Amendment Friendly Verizon Store
I had been meaning to update my phone for a long time.  I probably should have done it four years ago.  Finally, circumstances pushed me to do this... Read More
SPECIAL DELIVERY: Another Fake Home Delivery, Gunman Draws Gun On Nanny And 3-Year-Old
LA GRANGE, KY -- An unidentified nanny was at a home with a 3-year-old when a man posing as a delivery man came to the door. The nanny didn't see... Read More
ARMED HOME INVASION: Man Saves Both His Life And Wife’s, Won’t Use Reloads In Self-Defense Firearm Ever Again
MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- A man credits his firearm for saving both his life and his wife's during a scary home invasion that could have been much... Read More
WHAT WOULD YOU DO: Take-down Of Bank Robber After Robbery
COBBS COUNTY, GA -- A bank customer noticed something was off while a man was engaging with a teller on Wednesday, and decided to make a move of his... Read More
A Casualty Of VIOLENCE, Not Concealed Carry: Pair Of Robbers Pick Wrong People To Rob, One From Each Side Dies
PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Two men in their twenties got off the trolley and were headed down the street when they were approached by two other men who... Read More
UPDATE: News Coverage Of Employer Who Pays Employees $50 Extra Each Month To Carry Had One Negative Impact From An Unlikely Source
We received an email from Eric Puryear, the lawyer who gives each of his employees an extra $50 each month if they carry a firearm at work, with an... Read More