[CCW IN ACTION] Why I Carry: Legally Armed PA Citizen Stops Armed Robber
Here is a news report of an incident which took place in a public park outside of Philadelphia, PA yesterday. A 67 year old man was walking his dog... Read More
[VIDEO] Kory Watkins Needs To Re-Think His Plan, Or Maybe Just Stop All Together
Newly labeled "The Fred Phelps of open carry" by, the man behind the group Open Carry Tarrant County made this video that seems to... Read More
[VIDEO] Thug Shoots Man At Point Blank Range, Man Fires Back With His Own Firearm
The surveillance video above comes to us from a store in Venezuela and shows a man standing in line to purchase his items. Then, the suspect comes... Read More
Passing The Bill, Allowing Concealed Carry In Schools
On Tuesday, the North Dakota House of Representatives passed Legislation that would allow licensed concealed carry permit holders to carry on school... Read More
Recorded Conversation: Anti-Gun Group Calls Victim’s Sister To Get Her Support And She Gave Them Her Piece Of Mind
The sister of Jennie Cochran, Jessie Doyle, was shot to death in 2013 by her estranged husband who was a convicted felon. Since then, Cochran has... Read More
Three Years Into Concealed Carry In Wisconsin And They Have Already Issued 243,000 Permits
Wisconsin became the 49th state to throw concealed carry on the books and since that happened just three years ago, the state has issued 243,000... Read More