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Elderly Man Defends Himself After Second Home Invasion Attempt
When people hear you're 70 years old, they may think you've begun to slow down with age.  In the case of this attempted home invasion in Sullivan... Read More
[VIDEO] Concealed Carrier Stops Mass Shooting In Georgia Store, Saving Lives
CONYERS, GEORGIA -- An armed citizen is being hailed a hero after drawing his firearm and stopping a mass shooting inside a Georgia liquor... Read More
Concealed Carrier With Precision Shooting Takes Out Three Armed Robbers, Saving Himself And Two Others
AURORA, COLORADO -- Three juveniles tried to hold up three movers as they were bringing items into an apartment late Friday night. According to... Read More
[VIDEO] Man Defends Against Attempted Carjacker; “It Just Escalated So Unbelievably Quickly”
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player HOUSTON, TEXAS -- A couple with dinner plans found themselves in the middle of a violent... Read More
RAW VIDEO: Man Holds Attempted Carjacking Suspect At Gunpoint, On Point And By The Book
Warning: Graphic Language ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- A man held another man at gunpoint after he tried to rob him by getting into his passenger seat as... Read More
Armed Robber Gets Cold Feet And Says “Have A Nice Day” Once He Sees That His Victim Is Also Armed
CLARKSTON, MICHIGAN -- A man on the way to dialysis was approached by a young man who came out of the woods near a medical building on Monday... Read More
Armed Citizen Forced Into The Back Of His Own Vehicle, Then Shoots Carjacker
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- A pair of criminals decided to carjack a man and his truck, forcing him into the back of his vehicle at gunpoint. Before the... Read More
If You’re Going To Draw Your Gun, At Least Wait Outside For Police To Arrive
CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- An elderly man drew his concealed carry firearm in what is being described as a self-defense situation while at a shop in... Read More
Quick Thinking Store Employee Shoots And Kills Robber After Having Shotgun To His Own Head
LITHONIA, GEORGIA -- A store employee fought back against two armed robbers and escaped with his life. When they tried to catch the employee off... Read More
Video Released Of Deadly Self-Defense Shooting In Ft Myers Waffle House
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA - A 28-year-old man will not be facing any charges after he defended himself with his legally concealed firearm during a... Read More
Armed Citizen Pulls Gun On Suspect Who Was Brutally Beating Police Officer With Baton
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Rookie Officer Adam Eller, who was responding to a burglary call with his partner, found himself the victim of a violent... Read More
[VIDEO] Armed Firefighters Stop Gunman, Saving Numerous Lives
AIKEN COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- As if they weren't heros already, a pair of armed firefighters are credited with stopping a gunman who surprised... Read More
Suspect Says He’s Armed During Robbery Attempt, Turns Out He Wasn’t, But His Intended Victim Was
STREAMWOOD, ILLINOIS -- Being the last state in the country to allow concealed carry, it's come in handy again for a law-abiding... Read More
PREPAREDNESS PAYS OFF: Employee Held At Gunpoint, Draws His Cleverly-Placed Firearm And Shoots Armed Robber
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- A store employee shot and killed a man as he attempted to rob him at gunpoint while he was entering his work Thursday... Read More
Would You? Armed Citizen Holds Two Robbers At Gunpoint After They Broke Into Business
FORT PAYNE, ALABAMA  -- An alert and armed citizen watched as two men broke into a business and began to remove items through the back door. At that... Read More