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[CAUGHT ON CAMERA] Citizen Holds Man At Gunpoint After Seeing Him Swing Knife At Someone
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- An armed citizen and his actions were caught on camera when he stopped man from being attacked with a knife during a... Read More
Argument Escalates To Gunfire Inside PA Barbershop, Concealed Carrier Steps In And Is Credited With Saving Lives
PHILADELPHIA, PA -- An incident inside a crowded West Philadelphia barber shop turned potentially deadly yesterday, when a customer who was... Read More
[VIDEO] 84-Year-Old Attacked By Thug, Thug Decides It’s Time To Go When Man Pulls Out Gun
TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Here is your 2nd Amendment at work. While 84-year-old Doug Jandebeur was walking to his car from his business,  he was... Read More
STAND YOUR GROUND: Disabled Army Vet Saves Pregnant Woman After She’s Attacked
MARTIN COUNTY, FL -- A disabled vet is being called a hero after his quick thinking saved a pregnant woman from an attack last night. It happened... Read More
Dallas Convenience Store Manager Shoots Two Armed Robbers Who Didn’t Account For Armed Citizens. Play Stupid Games. . .
. . .win stupid prizes. DALLAS, TEXAS -- A manager of a convenience store gave two armed robbers something they weren't expecting; an armed... Read More
Woman Pulls Gun On Man Who Threatened Her With Needle As He Tried To Rob Her At An ATM
SOCASTEE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- A woman approached an ATM to withdraw some money, but encountered a man who looked to do her harm in a way that we don't... Read More
[VIDEO] Woman Pulls Out Gun To Defend Herself During Restaurant Brawl
The details on the incident shown above are extremely vague, but it seems that the officer's actions at the end point to the woman being justified in... Read More
[VIDEO] Armed and Alert Business Owner Stops Crime Spree
An alert and armed business owner made a citizens arrest of the third suspect in a string of over 40 burglaries.   Police had distributed email... Read More
[VIDEO] Video Released In WV Pharmacy Self-Defense Shooting
A robber in WV got more than he bargained for when he entered a pharmacy that happened to have an armed pharmacist who refuses to be a victim. A... Read More
WV Shooting Shows Support for Armed Defense
In West Virginia, a pharmacist used a .45 to stop an attempted robbery.  There is little doubt about what happened.   The case is noteworthy for a... Read More
[VIDEO] Another Pharmacist Robbed, Except This Pharmacist Had A Gun
Just yesterday, we posted a video of a pharmacist being robbed at gunpoint and asked you what you would have done if that were you -- and you... Read More
[VIDEO] How To Provoke A Shooting
The Rite-Aid shooting saga has just resulted in another mistrial for Bernell Benn.  In the video, Benn is the large black man on the cell phone.  ... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Why I Carry: Legally Armed PA Citizen Stops Armed Robber
Here is a news report of an incident which took place in a public park outside of Philadelphia, PA yesterday. A 67 year old man was walking his dog... Read More
[VIDEO] Thug Shoots Man At Point Blank Range, Man Fires Back With His Own Firearm
The surveillance video above comes to us from a store in Venezuela and shows a man standing in line to purchase his items. Then, the suspect comes... Read More
[BREAKING] Concealed Carrier Kills Gunman In Houston Restaurant
HOUSTON, TX -- An armed concealed carrier at a Texas restaurant shot and killed an active gunman when he opened fire from outside the... Read More