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Armed Dominos Manager Sends Three Armed Thugs Running
BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS -- It's funny how these 'tough guys' aren't so tough when the playing field is leveled when one of their intended victims is... Read More
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: City Council Meeting Interrupted By Gunfire, Council Member Draws Firearm
NEW HOPE, MINNESOTA -- In a tense situation yesterday at a New Hope City Council meeting, shots were fired directly following a swearing in ceremony... Read More
FL Land Surveyor Shoots Suspected Armed Robber While On The Job
PLANTATION, FL -- An 18-year-old armed robber tried to steal a cell phone and money from a man who was simply outside doing his job. Quickly... Read More
Woman Tries To Rob Arbys At Knife Point, Customer Intervenes With Firearm
VERNAL, UTAH -- A woman is behind bars after trying to rob an Arby's employee at knife point. During the robbery, a customer was in the drive-thru... Read More
Dallas Armed Robbery Didn’t Go As Planned For The Robber, Because He Tried To Rob An Armed Citizen
A Dallas man was walking down the road early Thursday morning when a vehicle pulled up next to him, and then the driver pointed a gun and demanded... Read More
Armed Citizen Shoots One Of Four Suspects After They Try To Rob Him In The Drive-Thru Of An Anti-Gun Sonic
It's no secret to us concealed carriers that the fast food company Sonic is anit-gun. I don't have any around me but if I did, I wouldn't stop there... Read More
Armed Customer Stops Robbery In Progress, Holds One Suspect At Gunpoint
Houston, Texas -- Two would be robbers got an unwelcome surprise as they attempted an armed robbery at K&S Seafood Bar and Grill on North... Read More
FL Man Shoots Armed Robber Dead In Taco Bell Parking Lot After He Tells Him To Pull His Pants Down
A Florida man is happy to be alive after a frightening encounter with an armed robber. It happened yesterday afternoon in a Taco Bell parking lot... Read More
[VIDEO] Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots Robbery Suspect In Face, May Lose Job At Papa John’s For Defending Herself
A 24-year-old woman was delivering pizzas in DeKalb County, GA when a man came out to her car, seemingly to retrieve the pizza. The delivery... Read More
GOOD GUY 1, ROBBER NONE: Armed Barber Shop Customer Stops Armed Robbery
What does a criminal hate more than anything? Not being the only one in the room with a firearm. A barber shop in Milwaukee called Level Up... Read More
Armed Citizen Stops Assault And Robbery, Four Degenerates Arrested
There's a nice looking group of people. A 36-year-old man in Fargo, ND was lured into an alley by a group of degenerates where he was knocked... Read More
The Media Gets It Wrong Again: Legally Armed Texan Shoots And Kills Man Assaulting Him
When the news broke, they called the assailant a victim (and still haven't changed it). When the story developed, they called the armed citizen... Read More
Full Details; Interviewing Aaron Kreag, The Armed Citizen Who Stopped A Brutal Assault In Texas
On the afternoon of Friday, December 26th 2014, a man was on the way to see a movie with his wife when they noticed something out of place. A vehicle... Read More
BAD EGG: Florida Pastor Fires Back At Gunman In Church, Both Permit Holders
Pastor Terry Howell of Living Water Fellowship Church in Osceola County FL, exchanged gunfire with Benjamin Parangan Jr., a maintenance worker at... Read More
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Armed Citizen Witnesses Woman Being Beaten In Car, He Steps In And Stops The Assault
A Texas man is being called a hero after he stopped a brutal assault from continuing. It happened Friday when Aaron Kreag, a civilian, drew his gun... Read More