CCW In Action

[CCW IN ACTION] Armed Teen In Ohio Loses His Life After Trying To Steal An Armed Citizen’s Shoes
A teen in Ohio was shot and killed by an armed citizen after he tried to rob the man of a pair of shoes he had just purchased. According to... Read More
Thief Tries To Pass Counterfeit Cash To Buy Laptop, Pretends He Has A Gun, But Seller Counters With Real Gun
A Craigslist encounter didn't go the way the seller of a laptop had planned after the buyer tried to give him some counterfeit money. It happened... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Three Robbers Enter Gas Station, Only One Leaves Alive
A gas station clerk is glad he made the decision to carry a firearm to work with him at a Marathon gas station in Canton, OH. On Monday night... Read More
[BREAKING] PA Man Wanted By Police For Murder Tries To Carjack Person Who Is Concealed Carrier, Shots Fired
Update 12/19/14 10:10PM EST The man who called police to report the carjacking was not telling the truth. Read the update here. Update:... Read More
Nebraska Concealed Carrier Stops Armed Home Robbery
Yup, it's another one of those stories that alerts us to the importance of carrying even while we're at home. A quick trip to the garage can turn... Read More
Robber Draws Finger Gun Under His Hoodie, Store Manager Draws Real Gun From His Holster
Chance Morman has had his North Dakota concealed carry permit for about a year, and he hoped that he would never have to draw his firearm in... Read More
[VIDEO] Pawn Shop Employee Returns Fire On Armed Robbers, Incident Caught On Camera
Two pawn shop employees are lucky to be alive after one of them pulled out their own firearm from their waistband to defend against two armed... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Man Breaks Into Airport, Steals Candy, Then Held At Gunpoint By Employee
A man broke into a Washington state airport for unknown reasons, but he did try to steal a box of peppermint patties and caused quite a bit of... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Armed Robber Ended Up Getting Much More Than He Expected
An armed robber in New Orleans demanded valuables from his 'victim', at which time the victim handed over his cell phone. According to,... Read More
County Rules Concealed-Carry Holder Justified In Fatal Utah Shooting
On October 14, Aaron Smith shot his brother-in-law, Robert Van Hemert, in their Utah home following a family argument. But officials have ruled that... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Pawn Shop Customer Opens Fire On Armed Career Criminal Robber, Killing Him
Identity withheld, a man shopping at a pawn shop in Indianapolis used his concealed carry firearm to take down an armed robber who tried to hold the... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Armed Citizen Stops Mass Shooting In Texas By Giving Gunman A New Lead Implant
A man acted in self defense after an angry night club patron opened fire on a crowd of people, injuring five. It happened early Sunday morning in... Read More
[VIDEO] Mom Gets Concealed Carry Permit Just In Time To Save Her Son’s Life
A Columbus, OH mother went to get her concealed carry permit just this fall after feeling threatened by two men who broke into her home, have... Read More
St Louis Restaurant Owner With Concealed Carry Permit Shoots Robber In The Bum, Robber Will Likely Rethink Future Robberies
Good Guy 1, Robbers 0 The owner of Elicia’s Pizza in St. Louis had a surprise for two armed robbers that came into his shop looking for some... Read More
Elderly TX Man Shoots And Kills Man Who Robbed And Attacked His Wife In A Parking Lot
A 71-year-old Texas man did what he thought was necessary to protect his wife from a robber Tuesday night while the couple was leaving a grocery... Read More