CCW In Action

[CCW IN ACTION] KFC Employee Opens Fire On Armed Robbers After Being Shot
An armed employee was at work this past Sunday at a Birmingham KFC when two armed men stormed in to try and rob the place. At the time of the... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Not Just An Ordinary Trip To Walmart For One National Guardsman
Joshua Nelson is a 2nd Lt. in the West Virginia Air National Guard and a licensed concealed firearm carrier. Earlier this year, he and his family... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Two PA Legislators Robbed At Gunpoint Outside Capitol, But One Legislator Had A Surprise For The Robbers
Just a day after three legislators were robbed in the same area, it happened again to two different PA legislators on their way home from the Capitol... Read More
Bank Robber Killed By Concealed Carrier In Phoenix, What Would You Have Done?
One bank robber is dead and the other injured after a witness drew his firearm and took matters into his own hands. As the two were trying to... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Man In Michigan Helps Capture Attempted Rapist And Save Young Woman
A young woman was found walking down the street with blood all over her face and completely naked. Moments before, she was witnessed crawling out of... Read More
[CCW IN ACTION] Man Brings His Knife To A Gun Fight And Gets Shot In The Groin
All I have to say is; Ouch! A man in Philly started to pick a fight with another man in a parking lot just after 5:30pm outside of a grocery... Read More