Concealed Carry

Off-Duty Deputy Drops Concealed Carry Pistol In Airsoft Course – 10 Year Old Recovers It!
PLYMOUTH, CALIFORNIA -- A young boy on an airsoft course discovered a real pistol laying on the ground.  Recognizing that this wasn't an airsoft... Read More
Permitless Purse Carry And More! Gun Laws Go Into Effect In Mississippi
SOUTHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI -- July 1 marked the date when new Mississippi gun laws went into effect.  In Mississippi, it is now legal to carry a... Read More
US Appeals Court: No Firearms On U.S. Postal Property At All. Sorry, Parking Lot!
Last October, our now-absent writer Maureen explained a court case in which a man was trying to get the ok to carry his firearm on U.S. Post Office... Read More
Security Consultant To U.S. Special Operations Command Says “Concealed Carry Is A Very Good Idea” In Response To 4th Of July Terrorist Threats
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Police across the country will be on high alert for the holiday weekend, citing terrorist threats and the fear of... Read More
Why Concealed Carry Permits Trump Constitutional Carry (For Now)
The Second Amendment ought not be abridged or hacked up into bureaucratic little pieces.  Like it or not, the Constitution specifically states that... Read More
Tips For Carrying Concealed On A Motorcycle
When that beautiful weather hits, it's time to go for a ride.  A lot of motorcyclists are getting onto the roads this summer to soak up good weather... Read More
Magazine Dilemma – Single Stack Or Double Stack?
Slim-line conceal-ability or fight sustainability? That's a question many concealed carriers have to ask themselves when selecting their concealed... Read More
Why Concealed Carriers Grill Out Vs Go Out; Top 4 Things Conceal Carriers Do That Most Don’t
Who doesn't like going out for a night on the town?  There's nothing like getting off from a long week at work and heading out to mingle with all... Read More
Do You Really Need Pistol Training To Carry Concealed?
There are a lot of states that require some form of mandatory training prior to issuing a concealed carry permit.  In almost all cases, that... Read More
Indie Newspaper Editor Doesn’t Understand Guns: Let’s Guide Him
Logan Cordes is the Summer Editor of an independent college publication called The Exponent out of Indiana. I got to know Cordes through his article... Read More
Civil Forfeiture of Firearms – How To Get Your Guns Back
Weapons routinely get confiscated by law enforcement.  After a self-defense scenario has taken place, police may often ask to take your firearms... Read More
Why You Need To Wear A Tactical CCW Belt
When you first start into the world of carrying a concealed firearm, there's a bunch of considerations you'll be forced to make that you wouldn't... Read More
[BREAKING] Court Victory Gives Puerto Rico Permitless Concealed Carry And Open Carry
According to the Second Amendment Foundation, a recent court victory gives Puerto Rico residents the ability to open carry and concealed carry... Read More
Gun Shop Offers Free Concealed Carry Class For Pastors In Response To Charleston Shooting
TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- A gun shop in Oklahoma is offering local pastors a free concealed carry class to help them get their permits to carry. The... Read More
[VIDEO] Printing Like Whoa During Sketchy Craigslist Encounter; Intimidation Or Bad Concealment?
Youtuber GTX GUNS posted a video that is quickly making the rounds, and it's likely to pop up on many firearm websites as well (like... Read More