Concealed Carry

Open Carry Activists Making It Hard On The Rest Of Us?
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- A series of videos have made their way onto YouTube depicting an open carrier by the name of Jim Cooley walking onto the premises... Read More
Mother Learns The Hard Way To Keep Firearms Away From Child
HAMILTON, OHIO -- Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser has formally announced all criminal charges will be dropped against Elizabeth Green in... Read More
Concealed Carry Breakdown: Where “May Issue” Is Essentially “No Permit”
Not all states were created equal.  Some states have taken extreme liberties with their interpretations of the Bill of Rights.  If you're from... Read More
Thug Gets Arrested After Robbing Concealed Carrier
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- An attempted robbery went horribly wrong when two criminals got the drop on eight people hanging out in a garage in southern... Read More
Saratoga County Sheriff Announces Plan For Unrestricted Permit Access For Residents
BALLSTON SPA, NEW YORK -- In a Press Release issued just moments ago, Sheriff Michael H. Zurlo has announced his department's plans to help... Read More
Assembly Approves Bill That Would Allow Soldiers To Carry Concealed
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- The assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of allowing soldiers to carry concealed who were stationed in Wisconsin. Right... Read More
Forgetful Gun Owner Leaves Handgun On Bathroom Sink In Pizza Shop, Handed Misdemeanor Charge
TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN -- A man walked into Pangea's Pizza Pub on May 30th with his handgun, and left without it. The man, 40-year-old Brandon... Read More
Concealed Carry For Women: Building Your Concealed Carry System
By Carrie Lightfoot from "Carrying a gun isn't supposed to be comfortable, it is supposed to be a comfort"  Clint... Read More
Things To Consider Before Deciding To Carry Concealed
Am I willing to use my firearm to defend myself and others? A big part of being a concealed carrier is knowing that it comes with a heavy... Read More
Carrying Concealed Under The Influence – Does CCW And Alcohol Mix? Ever?
It's been a long hard week.  Why not just pop over to your local bar and have a nice cool glass of suds? On the surface, it seems like an awesome... Read More
Do You Need Your CCW Permit On You While Carrying?
This question comes up a lot.  Is it necessary to keep a concealed carry permit on your person all the time while you're carrying?  Here's a simple... Read More
CYNTHIA TUCKER: Guns On Campus In Texas Will Likely Lead To Carnage
I happened upon an opinion article by Cynthia Tucker about campus carry in Texas, and it's not much different from others out there that are against... Read More
Teen Wants To See Montana Teachers Carry Guns, And He’s Doing Something To Make A Difference
HELENA, MONTANA -- A 17-year-old in Montana is kicking off a ballot initiative that could give residents the ability to vote to give teachers in the... Read More
Want To Carry Your Gun Into Harbor Freight? They’d Like You To Keep It In Your Car
By Robert Farago. Republished with permission from Harbor Freight Tools is a “gun free zone.” Americans cannot legally... Read More
Detroit Woman Saves Herself From Carjackers
Detroit is no stranger to violent crime.  And a history of hard times mixed with increasingly desperate criminal elements only make matters worse.... Read More