Concealed Carry

A young woman was raped while walking to class. See what she did to stop the 2nd attempt a few months later.
We received this message in January of this year and got the 'OK' from the submitter to share it with all of you. We thank the submitter for... Read More
When is it justified to draw your firearm?
Drawing your firearm in self defense is something that we train for and also hope that we never need to do. Even more unwelcome is the need to pull... Read More
Detroit grandmother saved by her concealed carry permit
She was shot 4 times, and still fought back. Arriving home after a double shift, Paris Ainsworth was ambushed in her own driveway by two thugs... Read More
VIDEO: Concealed Carry holder stops robbery. What would you have done?
In Texas, a woman was a victim of an attempted purse snatching in a parking lot. All of a sudden, a good Samaritan with a concealed firearm stopped... Read More
Starting July 1st, Idaho public college students with concealed carry permits can carry on campus
IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Starting July 1, Idaho's public college students can pack more than just homework and pencils to class — those with enhanced... Read More
VIDEO: Drawing from concealment while in your vehicle
NSSF has released a nice video that details a few methods for drawing from concealment while you're seated in your vehicle. This is a very important... Read More
New York State Police will not enforce SAFE Act provision
Albany, NY - News coming to us from NYSRPA, Revised New York State Police NY SAFE Act Guide instructs its members not to enforce the 7-round... Read More
How concealed and open carry can stop crime Nationwide
The history of firearms has been a rocky one, especially since the invention of the radio and television. With more crime stories and statistics at... Read More
.0000672 Percent: A percentage that people who carry concealed should know about
NRA Commentator Dom Raso has one of the most convincing arguments that we've seen to date, and it's targeted at business owners who post "no firearms... Read More
California concealed carry permit apps skyrocket after bombshell court ruling
Orange and Ventura Counties have dropped the previously required need for applicants to show "good cause" to obtain their concealed carry permit.... Read More
5,000 Illinois Concealed Carry Permits are in the mail
Illinois' first concealed carry gun licenses — about 5,000 of them — are being printed and mailed today, Illinois State Police officials said in... Read More
How Safe Is It To Carry With A Round In The Chamber?
The most common question that we receive from people who are new to concealed carry is this: Should I carry with a round in the chamber? We know... Read More
Georgia House votes to loosen gun laws
Soon, Georgia concealed-carriers may be able to carry in bars, places of worship, airports and even government buildings that do not have security... Read More
New estimates of Americans who carry concealed is up to 10 Million
Roughly 20 years ago, the number of Americans who carried a concealed firearm was less than 1 Million. Fast forward to today and you'll find a much... Read More
“Mom’s Demand Action” TN/Nashville chapter doesn’t like to debate
Yesterday, the Nashville chapter of Mom's Demand Action posted a photo of themselves outside of a Staples in their area. They were there to speak... Read More