Concealed Carry

Man At Astro’s Game Catches Foul Ball And Flashes His Concealed Firearm To The World
Hoping this guy at Minute Maid is some kind of undercover cop or something. #astros #gun — Steven Miori... Read More
BREAKING(ish): Judge Scullin Orders D.C. to Issue Concealed Carry Permits Immediately
By Robert Farago. Republished with permission from Armed American Radio’s Facebook page reports “The Second Amendment... Read More
Texas House Passes Campus Carry, Now Onto Governor Abbott For Final Approval
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Campus carry will likely be coming to the state of Texas, as the House passed Bill 11, which will allow concealed carry of handguns... Read More
Why Are So Many People Getting Concealed Carry Permits?
Kansas, New Hampshire, Illinois, and many other states are continually engaging in the push to loosen restrictions on people getting concealed carry... Read More
Concealed Carrier Has Firearm Taken And Disassembled By Police During Routine Traffic Stop, Is Then Searched
By Lee Williams. Republished with permission. (Source Link) Daniel Oliva has never been in trouble. Far from it. The 34-year-old, married... Read More
171 Ohio Concealed Carry Permits Revoked Because Of Bad Apple Instructor
LAKE COUNTY, OHIO -- Over 170 concealed carry permits that were issued in the state of Ohio have been revoked after it was learned that the permit... Read More
Latest Concealed Carry Law Updates From Around The Country
By Dan Zimmerman. Republished with permission from Gary Slider of sends these updates to state laws: South... Read More
Concealed Carry Within The Vehicle, Encountering A Protest Turned Violent
Regretfully, as we’ve observed in the news lately, the occurrence of angry protests are on the rise. With incidents like Ferguson and Baltimore in... Read More
“No Concealed Weapons” Sign Is Just Dumb, Especially When Coupled With The Sign Below It
By Robert Farago. Republished with permission from Who is responsible for theft or damage to your vehicle? Who’s... Read More
Concealed Carrier Stops Alleged Thief In Walmart Parking Lot, But Did He Go Too Far?
BELLMEAD, TEXAS -- An armed Texan interrupted a vehicle burglary Sunday afternoon in a Walmart parking lot, but did he go to far? Here are the... Read More
TX Passes Bill That Will Hand Out Fines For Posting “No Guns” Signs
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Both chambers passed the new bill with little debate, and Saturday's House approval was a 116-23 vote. The new bill will make it... Read More
Question: Do You Worry About Printing?
Over at, forum user MPaulHolmes brought up the topic of printing. Is it bad? Should I worry about it? Are people going to... Read More
Nevada Lawmakers Kill Measure That Would Have Allowed Campus Carry, One Official Storms Off Assembly Floor
CARSON CITY, NEVADA -- Lawmakers on Thursday defeated a measure that would have allowed concealed carry on college campuses, and it made at least one... Read More
Permitless Concealed Carry In FL During Emergency Evacuations Is Signed Into Law
TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- Governor Rick Scott signed 44 bills into law Thursday afternoon, one of which will allow Florida residents to carry concealed... Read More
Is the Burden Too Great? Responsibility and CCW
Even while a record number of states have submitted reciprocity bills and constitutional carry amendments - there's still quite a bit of political... Read More