Concealed Carry

Question: How Long Did It Take You To Choose Your First Concealed Carry Firearm?
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Here’s Why It’s OK To Buy A Sub-Compact Firearm For Concealed Carry
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Man Faces Charges After Bringing Concealed Firearm To Tampa Bay Lightning Game
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Concealed Carry Law And Reciprocity Changes From
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San Diego Padres Say No To Off-Duty Cops Carrying Concealed Inside Their Stadium, Because Metal Detectors
A newly-enacted policy on concealed carry now strips off-duty and retired police officers from carrying concealed firearms inside the... Read More
Oklahoma House Says OK To Handguns In Schools Carried By Trained Personnel
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- The Oklahoma House voted in favor of new legislation 82-12 that would allow trained personnel to carry on school grounds.... Read More
Putting On Your Rig: Do You Put Everything On Together, Or Holster First And Then Firearm?
I didn't know it, but this is somewhat of a debate. When you are putting your rig on for the first time in the morning, do you first holster your... Read More
Reader Question: I Scared My Kid When Answering The Question “Why Do You Carry”. Now What?
A reader, Ryan, sent us this message a few days ago and we wondered what advice you would give to him: I'm a new conceal carrier. My Oldest... Read More
Kansas Receives It’s 100,000th Concealed Carry Application
State Attorney General Derek Schmidt revealed today in a news release that Kansas has received it's 100,000th application for a concealed carry... Read More
[BREAKING] Oregon House Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill By A 57-1 Vote
SALEM, OREGON -- The Oregon House passed a bill Thursday by a vote of 57-1 that would allow reciprocity with other state concealed carry permit... Read More
What’s Up 100%? St. Louis Concealed Carry Permit Apps, That’s What’s Up
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There Is A Reason That We Talk About The Importance Of Carrying At Home All The Time
The topic of carrying at home is one that I cover a lot. Probably on a weekly basis. There are stories in the news that show just how important it is... Read More
Remember That Music Festival That Wanted To Ban Guns But A Judge Said No? Surprise! Turned Out To Be A Non-Issue!
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Moms Demand No Legally Concealed Firearms In Parks, TN Governor Signs Bill Into Law Anyway
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Gun Control Group Urges Maine Residents To Defeat Bill That Would Allow Permitless Concealed Carry By Using Fear
AUGUSTA, MAINE -- Are you seeing a trend like I am? Two gun control groups, Mom's Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Everytown for Gun... Read More