Dallas Convenience Store Manager Shoots Two Armed Robbers Who Didn’t Account For Armed Citizens. Play Stupid Games. . .

. . .win stupid prizes.

DALLAS, TEXAS — A manager of a convenience store gave two armed robbers something they weren’t expecting; an armed ‘victim’. Now, they’re both in the hospital, one with life-threatening injuries.

Police said the pair tried to rob the Exxon store near E. Illinois Avenue and Bonnie View Road around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The manager drew his weapon and shot both men.

Both suspects were rushed to local hospitals. Both are now listed in fair condition.

Detectives said it appears the shootings were justified and the manager will not be charged.

The reporters state that the manager ‘drew his weapon’, so I am going to assume that he was carrying his firearm vs. pulling it out from behind the counter.

The manager told police that one of the men started assaulting an employee and went to reach into his pocket. At that time, the manager drew his firearm becaue he feared they were armed.

One robber was shot in the arm, while the other was shot in the face. You can guess which one is listed in the worse condition.

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