Darwin Award

Caught On Camera: Man Tries To Steal Rifle By Shoving It Down His Pants, Earns Darwin Award
A man walked into a shop and tried to steal a rifle by putting it down his pants. The shop owner noticed the man limping out of the shop, and then... Read More
Darwin Award: Home Invader Shoots Self In Foot During Robbery
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- A group of four armed suspects broke into an apartment, apparently looking for drugs. A woman and her boyfriend were home at... Read More
Negligent Federal Air Marshall Leaves His Gun Behind In Airport Bathroom Stall, When It Should Have Been On The Plane To Protect People
By Johannes Paulsen. Republished with permission from TheTruthAboutGuns.com I know many people are a little sensitive about use of public... Read More
Irresponsible Gun Owner Shoots Himself In The Leg Inside Chick-Fil-A Bathroom, Is This Rocket Science?
FAIRFIELD, OHIO -- A reason why we can't have nice things comes to us from a Chick-Fil-A bathroom in Ohio, where a concealed carrier negligently shot... Read More
[VIDEO] Killer Clown “Prank” Goes Very Wrong When They Encounter An Armed Citizen
With some of these YouTubers, you never know what's staged and what isn't. It's all about views, and that's all they care about. Regardless as... Read More
[VIDEO] Woman Almost Takes Out Her Boyfriend With AK-47 Because She Has No Idea About Firearm Safety
Guns are fun to shoot, but they're also a very serious thing. To take someone out into the woods to shoot a rifle, that admittedly has no training... Read More
Man Tries To Rob Undercover Police Officer At Bank, Guess How It Ends For Him
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- A man picked the wrong target when he attempted to rob another man as he left a bank on Monday. Called a 'jugging', the man... Read More
Another Darwin Award: Felony Suspect Shoots Himself In The Leg While Fleeing
This story is short and sweet, and is the third to be included in our new category in just as many days, Darwin Award. A suspect was running from a... Read More
Instant Karma Caught On Camera: Robber Accidentally Shoots Himself During Robbery
Remember folks, it's all about firearm safety. Luckily for society, this Darwin Award nominee doesn't know the first thing about any of the... Read More
How To Handle An Active School Shooter: Throw Canned Goods At Them
View image | gettyimages.com Our second contestant for the 2015 Concealed Nation Darwin Award in just two days goes to a middle school... Read More
New Company Plans To Sell Fake Pistols To People Who Want The Perception Of Being Armed, But Actually Aren’t
Right out of the gate, I'm going to tell it like it is. Let's file this under "Worst Ideas Of 2015", as it's likely to take 1st place even with... Read More