Ferguson Officer To Unarmed Crowd While Pointing Rifle At Them: “I Will F***ing Kill You”

Things in Ferguson are not calming down one bit, and some of the officers are not helping the situation. This video comes in from a protest last night and shows an officer pointing a rifle at a group of unarmed citizens while saying “I will f**king kill you”, and only stops the threatening gestures when another officer steps in.

There are a thousand different opinions on everything that is happening in Ferguson, but we’re only going to be focusing on one thing for the purposes of this article. We don’t know what happened before this camera started rolling, but everything seems peaceful. We even see a news crew in the frame. So, the question is:

If you were involved in a peaceful protest and had an officer do this to you, what would your reaction be?

Leave your comments below to share your thoughts.

Did this guy below get it right, or do you have another opinion?

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