Firearm Safety

Things To Consider Before Deciding To Carry Concealed
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Carrying Concealed Under The Influence – Does CCW And Alcohol Mix? Ever?
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Do You Need Your CCW Permit On You While Carrying?
This question comes up a lot.  Is it necessary to keep a concealed carry permit on your person all the time while you're carrying?  Here's a simple... Read More
Armed Homeowner Stops Burglar Right In His Tracks
via Tribune Star Sheriff Greg Ewing told the Tribune-Star that the break-ins all occurred in the early morning hours, the time when most people are... Read More
What Goes Bump In The Night? 6 Tips On Clearing Your Home
When you awake to hear something rustling outside your door, there's a moment it takes your mind to simply grasp that something may be occurring.... Read More
Reader To Everyone: CHECK TWICE!
One of our readers, Andrew, shared a story of his on our Facebook wall, and I figured it'd be a good story to share. It's never a bad idea to check... Read More
A Summer Without Printing: Tips For Carrying Concealed During The Warmer Months
Memorial Day has come and gone and now summer is upon us in full force.  After all the sweaters and light jackets get packed away until Fall,... Read More
4 Tips For Road Trips And Travel With Your Concealed Carry Firearm
For those looking forward to a nice long summer, it's always an added bonus to be able to travel with the safety and security of a concealed carry... Read More
The Dark And Rare Side Of Concealed Carry Permit Holders: 8-Year-Old Gains Access To Gun, Shoots Self In Finger
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- The gun that an 8-year-old boy got a hold of --and ultimately shot himself in the finger with-- was owned by a concealed carry... Read More
Safe Handling, Safe Storage Of Firearms Inside The Home
No matter what sort of firearms you have in your home; whether it be your concealed carry firearm, hunting rifles, or sport firearms one thing... Read More
Group Of Veterans Doing Their Part To Promote Firearm Safety And Preparedness: Enter F-Plan Tactical
ODESSA, TEXAS -- A group of veterans and gun owners have decided to do their part by offering courses to teach others about firearm safety, and how... Read More
Irresponsible Gun Owner Shoots Himself In The Leg Inside Chick-Fil-A Bathroom, Is This Rocket Science?
FAIRFIELD, OHIO -- A reason why we can't have nice things comes to us from a Chick-Fil-A bathroom in Ohio, where a concealed carrier negligently shot... Read More
Negligent Discharges: Are They Inevitable?
By Mike McDaniel. Republished with permission from An “accidental discharge” is more accurately known as a negligent... Read More
[VIDEO] Gun Safety 101: Treat Every Firearm As If It Will Malfunction
I'm not talking about the type of malfunction where a round stove pipes or fails to feed. I'm talking about the type of malfunction straight from the... Read More
[VIDEO] Woman Almost Takes Out Her Boyfriend With AK-47 Because She Has No Idea About Firearm Safety
Guns are fun to shoot, but they're also a very serious thing. To take someone out into the woods to shoot a rifle, that admittedly has no training... Read More