[VIDEO] FL Man Kills Neighbor, Then Drives The Dead Body To His Attorney, Claims Self-Defense

FORT MYERS, FL — A man claims self-defense after shooting his neighbor with the neighbor’s own gun, and then driving his body to his attorney’s office over 40 minutes away.

That’s the story coming out of Fort Myers, and it seems that the two neighbors have had problems in the past. The man, 52-year-old John Marshall, is said to be very shaken up after the incident. Marshall’s attorney, Robert Harris, described to reporters a little about what has been going on in the past few weeks between the two.

“This person had not wanted him to build in that area. I guess that’s what he was angry about, but there were some consistent threats. He had came at him with a gun, pistol-whipped him in the face knocking out a tooth or two. He’s got scratches and bruises. His clothes were filthy and dirty. He looks like a man who had been in a fight for his life”, says Harris.

During a scuffle between the two men, Harris says the gun went off after Marshall had wrestled it away from the neighbor.

He put the person in the back of his pickup truck and drove here. He says he doesn’t remember anything about the drive here.

Harris mentioned that his client contacted him just a few days ago with concerns about this very same neighbor, and he was advised to get a restraining order based on the information provided.

This is a developing story that we will continue to watch. As of right now, police say that Marshall will not be arrested.

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