Concealed Carry Within The Vehicle, Encountering A Protest Turned Violent
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Amazing Slow Motion Video Of Two Double Barrel 1911’s Fired At The Same Time
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Concealed Carry Permit Confiscated Over Misdemenor Violation?
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“No Concealed Weapons” Sign Is Just Dumb, Especially When Coupled With The Sign Below It
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4 Tips For Road Trips And Travel With Your Concealed Carry Firearm
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Texas Home Invader Dies On The Job
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Concealed Carrier Stops Alleged Thief In Walmart Parking Lot, But Did He Go Too Far?
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Darwin Award: Home Invader Shoots Self In Foot During Robbery
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TX Passes Bill That Will Hand Out Fines For Posting “No Guns” Signs
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Both chambers passed the new bill with little debate, and Saturday's House approval was a 116-23 vote. The new bill will make it... Read More
Question: Do You Worry About Printing?
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Gun Shop Offers Discount For Local Residents After Recent Unsolved Murder And Other Crimes
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Armatix “Smart Gun” Manufacturer Begins Chapter 11-Style Restructuring, Let Me Throw On My Shocked Face
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We Respect Your 2A, But Don’t Bring Your Gun To Our Bar, Because Everyone Is Stupid Drunk
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77-Year-Old Florida Resident Defends Home And Self Against Two Intruders, Killing One And Injuring Another
REDLAND, FLORIDA -- On May 18th, just after noon, an elderly man of 77 was forced to defend himself when two yet unidentified male suspects allegedly... Read More
Breaking: Open Carry To Go To TX Governor Abbott
I just watched hours of debate in the Texas Senate on Committee Substitute HB 910.  The Senate Committee had removed the Dutton amendment, that... Read More