Homeowner Shoots Intruder With Single Precision Shot, Successfully Ending Home Invasion
STRAWBERRY PLAINS, TENNESSEE -- A homeowner shot and killed an intruder who broke into his home early Wednesday morning. According to police,... Read More
Don’t Shoot At A Fleeing Suspect, Even If They Did Just Steal Your Chainsaw: DA Deciding On Charges
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Group Of Veterans Doing Their Part To Promote Firearm Safety And Preparedness: Enter F-Plan Tactical
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Negligent Federal Air Marshall Leaves His Gun Behind In Airport Bathroom Stall, When It Should Have Been On The Plane To Protect People
By Johannes Paulsen. Republished with permission from I know many people are a little sensitive about use of public... Read More
Irresponsible Gun Owner Shoots Himself In The Leg Inside Chick-Fil-A Bathroom, Is This Rocket Science?
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Couple Hears Glass Break While Sleeping, They Hide In Closet, Intruder Finds Them, Man Shoots Intruder
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Mother Gives Her Son A Beatdown On Live TV After Finding Out He Was Participating In Baltimore Riots
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Four Armed Men Enter Home, Exchange Shots With Occupant, Armed Men Steal A Pink Camouflage Shotgun On Their Way Out
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There Is A Reason That We Talk About The Importance Of Carrying At Home All The Time
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Baltimore Is A War Zone: If You Live In An Area Of Violence, It’s Probably A Good Idea To Carry Your Firearm At All Times
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Woman Shoots Abusive Ex-Boyfriend In Self Defense, Will Not Face Charges
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- A 23-year-old woman shot and injured her abusive ex-boyfriend after he stormed into her home as she was walking out Saturday... Read More
Remember That Music Festival That Wanted To Ban Guns But A Judge Said No? Surprise! Turned Out To Be A Non-Issue!
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Your Gun Won’t Help You If It’s Not On You: Couple Held At Gunpoint In Their Own Kitchen, Occupant Retrieves Gun After Intruder Leaves And Gives Chase
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