LISTEN TO YOUR FATHER: Daughter Starts Carrying After Her Father Wanted Her To, Ends Up Potentially Saving Her Life
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- "Honestly, I mostly carry it because my dad wanted me to. Now I'm glad I listened." Those are the words spoken by a daughter... Read More
Costco Employee Actively Seeks Out Concealed Carrier, Tells Him To Leave Store, Management Agrees
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[VIDEO] Woman Almost Takes Out Her Boyfriend With AK-47 Because She Has No Idea About Firearm Safety
Guns are fun to shoot, but they're also a very serious thing. To take someone out into the woods to shoot a rifle, that admittedly has no training... Read More
South Carolina Could Soon Recognize Georgia Concealed Carry Permits, Enabling Reciprocity
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Reddit User Shares Experience While Not Carrying, Thanks His A-Hole Friend For Putting Him In A Dangerous Situation
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[VIDEO] Gun In Car Doesn’t Help Man Being Attacked By Mob Of Teens At Gas Station
By Robert Farago. Republished with permission from You know the old expression “It’s better to have a gun and not need... Read More
Man Tries To Rob Undercover Police Officer At Bank, Guess How It Ends For Him
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- A man picked the wrong target when he attempted to rob another man as he left a bank on Monday. Called a 'jugging', the man... Read More
It Was A Busy Weekend For Violent Home Invasions, And The Criminals Won In Each Of Them
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Concealed Carrier In The .01% Of Irresponsible Permit Holders Is Arrested; We Wait For The Media To Spin This As Quickly As Possible
MOUNT PLEASANT, WISCONSIN -- A man with a concealed carry permit did something stupid; he allegedly pointed his firearm at someone during a... Read More
An Avoidable Tragedy; 3-Year-Old Shoots 1-Year-Old, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams Blames “Fascination” With Handguns Across The Country
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- A 1-year-old was shot and killed, presumably by a 3-year-old who somehow got his hands on a handgun. It's a tragedy that we should... Read More
[VIDEO] What Bullets Do In Real Life: Car Windshields, Drywall, Plywood and More
How much do you really know about what bullets do when they hit their target? This video comes from Iraqveteran8888 and is absolutely worth the... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] GTUL and STUL: Tools To Help Make Your Life Easier With Your Glocks
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Serial Craigslist Robber Doesn’t Get It, Shot At Twice On Two Separate Occasions, Will Likely Be Out Of Jail Again Soon
OCALA, FLORIDA -- A serial Craigslist robber got more than he bargained for when he attempted to rob a pair during what was supposed to be a... Read More
Home Invasion Caught On Surveillance System, Homeowner Buys Gun After Realizing Cameras Won’t Deter Criminals
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- While a home surveillance system is a great tool to help deter crime and make your home safer, it's never going to stop every... Read More
New Mississippi Concealed Carry Bill Signed Into Law; Allows Off-Body Carry Without A Permit, Reduces Permit Fees
JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI -- The Governor of Mississippi has signed two new bills into law that changes the way people can legally carry firearms in the... Read More