911 Dispatchers Can Give Bad Advice
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[VIDEO] FL Man Kills Neighbor, Then Drives The Dead Body To His Attorney, Claims Self-Defense
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Handloads For Practice, Factory For The Street
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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Freak-Out Over Concealed Carry Mothers Training
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Repeat Offender Released From Prison After Serving Just 5 Years Of 10 Year Sentence, Shot And Killed By Homeowner After Trying To Break In
Years before a coroner pronounced 31-year-old Jermoid Wheeler dead after trying to break into a home, he had been sentenced to 10 years in... Read More
[BREAKING] Governor Snyder Signs Michigan Concealed Carry Reform
Governor Rick Snyder has signed the concealed carry reform bills into law. Governor Snyder, who vetoed virtually the same bills only six weeks ago,... Read More
Number Of Shots Not Valid Reason For First Degree Murder Charge
There is a joke that goes around the gun culture. After a defensive shooting, an attorney asks the person who was defending themselves "Why did you... Read More
Gun Range Has Ammo Vending Machine Installed, Some People Cry About It
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Factory Loaded Ammunition Failure: My Bizarre Experience
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A Tragic Death, And The Idiot Responsible
HARRIS COUNTY, TX -- I am here today to call out a Texas gun owner. I don't know her, but she will be made an example of. Anyone who has a... Read More
[VIDEO] Riveting John Lott On Public TV About Gun Free Zones
On Friday, 27 February, 2015, John Lott gave testimony at the Wyoming legislature, which is considering eliminating many gun free zones.   Dr.... Read More
NH Constitutional Carry up for Critical Vote
Constitutional carry is moving in New Hampshire.  The bill is SB116 in the Senate and HB582 in the House.  It passed the Senate on 12 February. ... Read More
[VIDEO] Clerk Grabs Gun From Robber, Fights And Shoots
This video shows a brave young clerk fighting off two robbers that are masked when they enter the store.  It happened on Friday, 27 February,... Read More
71-Year-Old Man Demonstrates Perfect Marksmanship While Defending Himself Against Home Intruder
COLUMBUS, OH -- An elderly retiree who lives alone was forced to defend himself against a man who police say kicked in his front door and tried... Read More