Man Breaks Into Apartment In Austin TX, Points Gun At Resident, Gets Surprise Instead
AUSTIN, TX -- A 26-year-old man is dead after breaking into the apartment of an armed citizen. Ray Anthony Arredondo died at the scene after the... Read More
Michigan Concealed Carry Reforms Ready For Governor
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[Breaking] WV Senate Democrats Vote For Constitutional Carry
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Question: Do You Look Down Every Time You Holster/Re-holster Your Firearm?
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[VIDEO] Caught On Camera: Idiot Mom Points Gun At Teen’s Head During Fight With Her Daughter
A 33-year-old woman, Viridiana Alvarez, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she pointed her pistol at the head of a... Read More
[BREAKING] Gunman Goes Door-To-Door Killing People In Rural Missouri
TYRONE, MISSOURI - A gunmen went door-to-door in a rural Missouri town late Thursday and killed 8 people, then drove across county lines and... Read More
[LIVE VIDEO] Wayne LaPierre At CPAC 2015 (Live Stream 1:20PM EST)
Concealed Nation will be live-streaming Wayne LaPierre's speech at CPAC 2015. The speech is scheduled to begin Friday, February 27th at 1:20pm... Read More
[BREAKING] Kansas Senate Passes Constitutional Carry
The Kansas Senate has passed SB 45, the bill that moves Kansas into the constitutional carry status of Arkansas, Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming, and... Read More
Texas Man Shoots And Kills Neighbor’s Dogs, Boasts About It On Facebook And Uploads Picture
A Texas man is being absolutely torn apart on social media for his Facebook post that shows an image of two deceased dogs after he shot them. Along... Read More
[VIDEO] How Many Water Balloons Do You Need To Stop A Bullet?
Water will definitely slow down forward momentum, but by how much? In this demonstration, we see how many water balloons a .44 magnum bullet can... Read More
[BREAKING] Charges DROPPED Against 72-Year-Old NJ Man For Possessing Antique Flintlock Pistol
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[HOLSTER REVIEW] The Well Armed Woman IWB Holster – Not Just For Women
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[VIDEO] Woman Pulls Out Gun To Defend Herself During Restaurant Brawl
The details on the incident shown above are extremely vague, but it seems that the officer's actions at the end point to the woman being justified in... Read More
[BREAKING] Emily Miller Of Fox5 Is Approved For Concealed Carry In DC
Jumping through hoops and proving specific threats against her life with filed police reports, Emily Miller became the 16th person approved to carry... Read More
Question: Should Formal Training Be Required To Carry A Firearm?
I won't point any fingers, but I've seen negligence first-hand at the range on numerous occasions. Most of the occurrences seem to be from a lack of... Read More