I will never understand why this pistol has not been more popular.  Single stack 9mm.  I constantly hear people bemoan the fact Glock has yet to... Read More
Armed Citizen Shoots One Of Four Suspects After They Try To Rob Him In The Drive-Thru Of An Anti-Gun Sonic
It's no secret to us concealed carriers that the fast food company Sonic is anit-gun. I don't have any around me but if I did, I wouldn't stop there... Read More
Graphic Video: Neighbor Breaks Down Door With Machete, Is Shot Three Times By Occupants; This Is Why We Carry At Home
I've said it before and I'll never stop saying it; Carry At Home. This video shows a February 2014 incident where Twain N Thomas was shot... Read More
[HOLSTER REVIEW] Alien Gear Cloak Slide OWB Holster
We reviewed the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 Holster, which is IWB, but what about their OWB holster? Another great product from a great company, the... Read More
Armed Customer Stops Robbery In Progress, Holds One Suspect At Gunpoint
Houston, Texas -- Two would be robbers got an unwelcome surprise as they attempted an armed robbery at K&S Seafood Bar and Grill on North... Read More
Training For Concealed Carry; Some Things Should Never End
View image | Folks who carry concealed are a diverse lot. We are of different ages and occupations. We live in large cities,... Read More
Another Darwin Award: Felony Suspect Shoots Himself In The Leg While Fleeing
This story is short and sweet, and is the third to be included in our new category in just as many days, Darwin Award. A suspect was running from a... Read More
Practical Shooting Drills, You Practice These Right?
Punching paper at the range is fine. However if you need your handgun to defend yourself, more than likely your target will not be stationary. It's... Read More
Please Please Please Carry Your Firearm At Home
Your life can change --or end-- in a matter of seconds. Call it a freak encounter or whatever you'd like, it'll never change the fact that it... Read More
Indiana: Possibly The 6th Constitutional Carry State In The Country
Indiana State Representative Jim Lucas is proposing to eliminate the state law that requires individuals to have a license to carry a handgun. There... Read More
[VIDEO] A Few Tips & Tricks To Make Cleaning Your Semi-Auto Pistol A Little Easier
It's important to keep a nicely maintained firearm, and that includes a good cleaning each and every time. Here are a few tips & tricks you can... Read More
Instant Karma Caught On Camera: Robber Accidentally Shoots Himself During Robbery
Remember folks, it's all about firearm safety. Luckily for society, this Darwin Award nominee doesn't know the first thing about any of the... Read More
Papa John’s Will Not Fire Armed Employee Who Defended Herself Against Robber; But Still No Policy Changes Coming
A win for self-defense, Papa John's has been answering posts on their Facebook page with the message you see above. While they make no comment as to... Read More
A Line Crossed When Advocating For Gun Rights; Intimidation Factor
I am all for gun rights, and I am all for having people in office who are going to fight for those rights. However, I do not believe that this is... Read More
Armed Woman Holds Car Thief At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive; What Would You Have Done?
Robert LaFleur, left, and Colton Lynch, right An armed citizen took matters into her own hands after watching a pair entering multiple cars on her... Read More