Eric Holder Just Gave Us All A Great Reason To Fight Even Harder For Concealed Carry
Today, US Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. spoke from Paris about the potential for similar Paris-type attacks to occur in the United States by... Read More
Range Gun VS Carry Gun
All too often, I see people that have a "Range gun" and a "Carry gun". Often times at the range they end up training more with the range gun than... Read More
[VIDEO] No One Ever Wants To Pull The Trigger: Even The Police Edition
Dash cam video has been released that shows the moments after a police involved shooting in April 2014. The officer involved is seen walking to a... Read More
DO NOT SHOOT THROUGH A DOOR: Wife Mistakenly Shoots Husband Through Door Thinking He Was Intruder
A Fort Bragg soldier was mistakenly shot in the chest by his wife this morning after she feared that he was an intruder. Zia Segule, 28, left for... Read More
[VIDEO] First Shots With The Beretta Pico, Plus A Blooper
This thing has some kick, for sure. Meet the new Beretta Pico. We were able to get our hands on one a few months ago for review but with the... Read More
4 Thugs Rob Self-Defense Shop, 3 Wounded In Shootout With Owners, 1 Owner Dead
I'll attempt to keep emotions out of this. Four sorry excuses for human beings stormed into a self-defense store in Kansas called She's A... Read More
Indecisive NH Lawmakers Allow Concealed Carry In House Chambers . . . Again
Firearms were first banned in NH house chambers in the 1970's, and since then has gone back and forth with the idea. Now, the Republican-led House of... Read More
Walmart Employee Refuses To Print Engagement Photo For Couple Holding Shotgun, Citing Gang Culture
Soon-to-be-married couple Stephanie Wehner and Mitch Strobl are getting ready for their wedding this weekend and were finishing up some last minute... Read More
Suicide By Cop: Man Fatally Shot After Challenging Police With Fake Gun
UPDATED 01/08/2015 @ 8:02 pm It is now known that the man police shot and killed had planned the event as a 'suicide by cop' incident because he... Read More
Correctional Officer Has A Negligent Discharge And Ends Up Shooting Himself And His 12-Year-Old Daughter
The last time I had a negligent discharge story, some people were commenting that "It was an accident, they happen." If those comments happen... Read More
Tennessee Woman Fires At Two Burglars Trying To Enter Her Bedroom
Two punks broke into a home early this morning, and the woman who lived there was awoken to the sound of them trying to get into her bedroom. When... Read More
[VIDEO] Warning: Graphic Content; Terrorist Gunmen In Paris Got Away Because Police Were Unarmed
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The video above shows graphic content from the terrorist event in Paris earlier today. This video is said to show one... Read More
Armed Citizen Stops Assault And Robbery, Four Degenerates Arrested
There's a nice looking group of people. A 36-year-old man in Fargo, ND was lured into an alley by a group of degenerates where he was knocked... Read More
The Media Gets It Wrong Again: Legally Armed Texan Shoots And Kills Man Assaulting Him
When the news broke, they called the assailant a victim (and still haven't changed it). When the story developed, they called the armed citizen... Read More
[PRODUCT REVIEW] Brown Coat Tactical EDC Belt
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