State Of Emergency Declared In Missouri Ahead Of Grand Jury Announcement
The Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has declared a state of emergency on Monday in preparation for unrest which will likely follow the announcement... Read More
Police to Seize Handguns Days After CCW Permit Holders’ Deaths
Making funeral arrangements, laying a loved one to rest, and going through his or her belongings is difficult for anyone. But New York State is... Read More
[VIDEO] The Dangers Of A Squib Load: Rifle Explodes In Girls Hands
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Oh No! A Gun Store Opens Across The Street From A School!
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10-Year-Old Competitive Shooter Draws National Attention
We all remember the story from a few months ago where a 9-year-old girl on vacation with her family in Arizona accidentally shot and killed her... Read More
That Awkward Moment When Your Reattached Finger Falls Off During A Poker Game; Jose Canseco Style
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Florida Middle School Has Active Shooter Drill, Except No One Knew It Was A Drill, Leaving Students Terrified
A Florida middle school is under attack for allowing an active shooter drill where armed police officers stormed the school and went room to room,... Read More
[VIDEO] DC PD Employee On The 2nd Amendment; “I believe when the Second Amendment was written, that was more or less for when the British were coming.”
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[VIDEO] Mom Gets Concealed Carry Permit Just In Time To Save Her Son’s Life
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Update: Men Who Taped Slap-Happy Sheriff Plan To Sue County
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Springfield Armory Introduces Their New Springfield XD® MOD.2™
We've been teased for a while now that Springfield had something up their sleeve, and today we finally know what they've been working on. After the... Read More
Possible End of Restrictions For Concealed Carriers In California
Back in February of this year, a three judge panel ruled against restrictions on concealed carry permits for California residents. As of Wednesday,... Read More
Gander Mountain Black Friday Ads 2014
2014 Black Friday Sales For Firearms And Accessories
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[VIDEO] Man Gets In Vehicle, Other Man Shoots AK-47 At Windshield To Demonstrate Durability
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