2M In Jewelry Stolen During Brazen Armed Robbery In Manhattan; NYC Gun Laws Help Criminals Get Away
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Los Angeles Proposal to Require Gun Owners To Store Firearms in Locked Containers
A new ordinance was proposed in Los Angeles this past Friday. The ordinance would require gun owners in the city of Los Angeles to store their... Read More
Teen Battling Cancer Is Gunned Down During Attempted Robbery In TX
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Ferguson Residents Buying Guns In Bulk Ahead Of Grand Jury Decision
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Poll: Guns Make The Home Safer Or More Dangerous?
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FBI: Crime Down, Gun Purchases Up In 2013
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More Insight Into The Saratoga County Sheriff Incident; We Speak With The Man Slapped By Officer
Note: Previous reports say a citizen passing by noticed the rifle and called police. According to the man involved, it was the police who noticed the... Read More
[VIDEO] Saratoga County Sheriff’s Officer Slaps Man In The Face After They Find Legal Rifle In Vehicle
A concerned citizen called police to report a suspicious vehicle parked in a parking lot that had a rifle sitting in the back seat, most likely a big... Read More
Over 500 Teachers Show Up For Free Concealed Carry Class In Colorado
The Centennial Gun Club, one of the largest gun clubs in the state of Colorado, held a free concealed carry class for teachers. The result: over 500... Read More
Convicted Felon Was Still Able To Get Handgun, Tried To Rob Homeowner, Shot Dead By Legal Gun Owner
If this isn't a case for "criminals will find a way", I'm not sure what is. It's also a case for us law-abiding citizens being able to defend... Read More
Response From CrossBreed On Patent Infringement Claims
Over the last few days, a lot of talk has been circulating in regards to CrossBreed Holsters getting in contact with other holster manufacturers... Read More
[VIDEO] Man Takes Off Running When Confronted By Armed Robbers And Leaves His Young Daughter Behind
First of all, GFY for leaving a child in a dangerous situation such as this. That's just absolutely unbelievable and unthinkable to me. Second, if... Read More
Intoxicated Man Who Draws Handgun Is Shot And Killed By Store Employee After Trying To Get In His Car To Leave
An intoxicated man was shot and killed in a parking lot outside a store in Missouri Thursday morning after store employees were trying to stop him... Read More
Holster Industry Shakeup: Crossbreed Goes After Hybrid Holster Makers, Claiming Patent Infringement
We received a tip from sharp-eyed reader J R today with this nugget of news. It appears that MTC Holsters, LLC, (doing business as CrossBreed... Read More
Man Shoots Intruder, Gets Jail Time
A man in Indiana is being sent to jail after he shot a home intruder in April. David McLaughlin, 32, was found guilty of criminal recklessness... Read More