Bishop Urges Pastors To Carry Firearms
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Church Mass Shooting: An Alternate Ending
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[VIDEO] How To Stop Mass Shootings
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Concealed Carry Breakdown: Where “May Issue” Is Essentially “No Permit”
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Three Robbers No Match For Armed Store Owner
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Thug Gets Arrested After Robbing Concealed Carrier
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NYC VIP: Wedding Negligent Discharge Man Gets A Free Pass… Again
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Saratoga County Sheriff Announces Plan For Unrestricted Permit Access For Residents
BALLSTON SPA, NEW YORK -- In a Press Release issued just moments ago, Sheriff Michael H. Zurlo has announced his department's plans to help... Read More
Did S&W Cause More Negligent Discharges In LA County Sheriff’s Dept?
You fight like you train, right?  Well, when the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department decided to transition from the ancient SA/DA Beretta 92F to... Read More
WRONG VICTIM: Suspect With Rifle Approaches Two Men On Street And Starts Shooting; But One Of The Intended Victims Is Armed
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Two men walking down the street were approached by a man carrying a rifle who had just come out of a house. The man... Read More
Alert Friend Saves Female Clerk From Armed Robber, Stopping The Suspect With Perfectly Placed Shot; Mother Of Suspect Wants Justice
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- A female store clerk was being held up at gunpoint in the early morning hours on Monday, but someone was watching things... Read More
Assembly Approves Bill That Would Allow Soldiers To Carry Concealed
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- The assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of allowing soldiers to carry concealed who were stationed in Wisconsin. Right... Read More
Firearm Maintenance For Concealed Carry Pistols
Modern firearms are usually made to exacting standards.  It doesn't matter if it's a Hi-Point or a Kimber, the modern manufacturing process usually... Read More
Californians Fight For Their Right To Carry Concealed
Over 16,000 Californians applications for a concealed carry permit hang in permanent limbo in San Francisco's Federal courthouse.  It all stemmed... Read More
The Original Colt 1911 Now Filing Chapter 11
One of the original manufacturers of the model 1911 tactical pistol and the AR-15 is now filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  As the New York Post... Read More