350 SC Concealed Carry Permits Being Revoked
A 30-year-old instructor in SC has been arrested and charged with 29 counts of perjury after he signed 350 concealed carry permits for people... Read More
Recently Fired UPS Employee Goes Back To Alabama Warehouse And Shoots Two, Then Himself
Another case of workplace violence was in the headlines as we learn of a recently fired UPS employee who, dressed in his UPS uniform, returned to... Read More
[VIDEO] Shop Employee Gets Shot By Armed Robber And Still Stays In The Fight
This is one of those cases where I really wish that the employee had a firearm of his own. If I could, I would call him and say "Brother, get... Read More
Add This Restaurant To Your Bucket List: Grits-N-Gravy, Owner Openly Carries Handgun at Work
Here’s a restaurant all gun enthusiasts need to check out: Grits-N-Gravy located in Elberta, Alabama.  They’re known for their coffee, grits,... Read More
The Well Armed Woman to Hold National Shooting Chapter Leader Conference in St. Louis
What are you doing this weekend? The nation’s largest women’s shooting organization, The Well Armed Woman, is holding their National Chapter... Read More
[VIDEO] Halloween Is Coming, And That Means Idiots And Their Gun Pranks
First, watch these quick videos of previous 'pranks' that we have covered to see exactly what I'm talking about. The second and third videos are... Read More
Homeowner Pretends To Have A Gun, Forces Intruders Into Closet, Lectures Them Until Police Arrive
A man living in West Palm Beach, FL came home the other day to find three masked intruders inside his home. So what did he do? He pretended to have a... Read More
Homeowner Shoots Neighbor Who Entered His Home And Began Beating His Dog
A man was home with his 10-year-old daughter and their family dog when a neighbor walked across the street, entered their home, and began to beat... Read More
Two Students in Custody After Gun Fired in Texas Middle School
Well here is a school shooting you probably won’t hear about. That’s most likely because thankfully no one was hurt. A San Antonio middle school... Read More
First Hand Account Of A Self Defense Shooting: “Holy Sh*t. I Survived.” Woman Details Her Experience With A Stalker
A man in Las Vegas was shot in the chest while he was attempting to break in to an ex-girlfriends house. For the last six months, the man had been... Read More
Local Louisiana Restaurant Offers Discount for Carrying a Gun
With news of certain restaurants not allowing customers to bring their guns into restaurants (*cough, cough Panera*), it is always a pleasant... Read More
Woman Beheaded In Oklahoma By Newely Fired Employee, Further Attacks Stopped By Armed Owner
What a crazy and sad story this is, and it comes to us from this country. A just-fired man from a food processing plant in Oklahoma went to the... Read More
[VIDEO] Irresponsible Gun Owner Visiting A Friend Almost Kills Neighbor’s Baby With Rifle
This is why we can't have nice things. I do feel bad for the gun owner, but I also don't. He is absolutely remorseful and knows that this... Read More
Paranoid Person Of The Day: Cop Could Have Taken Out Bystanders With His Horrible Shooting Of An Innocent Man This is article #2 on this story, and is likely not to be the last. Earlier today, we reported on a... Read More
[VIDEO] Warning: Graphic; Man Shot By Police After Being Asked To Get His Drivers License
This video speaks for itself. If you're this uptight when you carry, you shouldn't be carrying. It's incidents like this where innocent people get... Read More