Armatix iP1, the world’s first “smart pistol” hits selves in California
With the growing fight for gun control, the German-based company Armatix GmbH has produced the Smart System iP1. Chambered in .22LR, this pistol can... Read More
Georgia House votes to loosen gun laws
Soon, Georgia concealed-carriers may be able to carry in bars, places of worship, airports and even government buildings that do not have security... Read More
How does the firearm industry get around unjust laws? This is how.
10 round limit on your magazine? Seven round limit in NY? The law is the law, unless you find a brilliant way around it. Introducing the Mako... Read More
Mossberg International™ Introduces FLEX-22™ Autoloading Rifles
Mossberg International has just released a new line of autoloading rifles chambered in .22LR called the FLEX-22. Recently, they introduced the FLEX... Read More
New estimates of Americans who carry concealed is up to 10 Million
Roughly 20 years ago, the number of Americans who carried a concealed firearm was less than 1 Million. Fast forward to today and you'll find a much... Read More
WIN 1,000 Rounds of Ammo while supporting a great cause!
We're giving away *1,000 ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION* to one lucky contributor to our fundraiser! The 'DEFEND THE BOOBS' fundraiser is in full... Read More
“Mom’s Demand Action” TN/Nashville chapter doesn’t like to debate
Yesterday, the Nashville chapter of Mom's Demand Action posted a photo of themselves outside of a Staples in their area. They were there to speak... Read More
The new RIP ammo from G2 Research has us drooling
Ammo manufacturers continue to develop new self-defense rounds, but we haven't seen anything quite like this before. An entirely new concept and... Read More
Gunman threatens to kill everyone in dollar store, killed by armed citizen before police arrived
A gunman burst into a Dallas County dollar store in Alabama Thursday and threatened to kill everyone while forcing an employee and customer toward... Read More
Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act sent to Congress
2014 is shaping up to be a great year for gun owners. Illinois becomes the last state to allow concealed carry, Florida recently allows firearms on... Read More
I left my Glock 27 loaded for 3 years straight and a remarkable thing happened
Every single day for the past 1,095 days (3 years), I've left my Glock 27 loaded. Each and every day, it's on my side 16 hours out of 24. It's in... Read More
Illinois concealed carry; Over 13,000 applicants get the initial OK
(Chicago Tribune) As of Tuesday, Illinois State Police have received over 15,000 concealed carry applications, of which over 13,000 have received the... Read More
Rep. Leslie Combs accidentally discharges firearm in office, says “I’m a gun owner. It happens.”
Rep. Leslie Combs of Kentucky accidentally fired her Ruger LCP inside her office while trying to unload it. She then went on to say this gem of a... Read More
NY SAFE Act 7 round magazine limit thrown out, rest of SAFE Act upheld
**UPDATE** We just got off the phone with the NY SAFE Act hotline to ask them about this ruling and the Governor's comments. They stated that the... Read More
Children and Firearms: How to prevent firearm accidents in the home
I've seen the news headlines just as you have: "8 year old accidentally shoots and kills friend" "Child shoots self while playing with Father's... Read More