Traffic Stop while carrying concealed; What to do if you’re pulled over
Face it; you aren't a perfect driver and you have probably been pulled over at least once in your lifetime. That is sure to happen again, but what... Read More
Join our new Forum
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Concealed Carry Wallpapers for your phone
We have started to put a few phone wallpapers together for your enjoyment. We will be adding more soon so if you don't like what you see yet, come... Read More
We made it to 50,000
WOW!! Here we are, less than 4 months into this venture and we already have a following of 50,000 fans of Concealed Carry!! This gives us hope... Read More
Proposed Universal Background Checks, National Registry
Around the country today, one of the biggest issues at hand is the current push on Gun Control. It seems that this legislation being pushed on... Read More
Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting
The day that you decided to carry a firearm was a day that your life changed forever. You are now in possession of a firearm, on your person at all... Read More
*UPDATE* New York Gun Confiscation
UPDATED 04/09/2013 at 4:15pm EST Word is starting to pour in throughout the interwebs regarding Gun Confiscation in the state of New York. While... Read More
[FIREARM REVIEW] Ruger P95 9MM review for Concealed Carry
Consistency, durability and ruggedness. All excellent qualities of a fine American made Firearm. The Ruger P95 has been written about for many years... Read More
We’ve reached 20,000 likes because of you!
Well, here we are, just 5 weeks into the Concealed Nation Facebook Page. In that short amount of time, we have amassed a following of 20,000... Read More
Before you decide to Concealed Carry; A Beginners Guide
When we began the Concealed Nation Facebook Page, we realized that many of the users would not yet be concealed carriers. Some are in the process of... Read More
The Impact of Proposed Gun Control Legislation
Our liberal friends in Washington have decided that we have to be protected from ourselves yet again. This time, it is with legislation banning any... Read More
Testimony in front of Congress on the 2nd Amendment
We couldn't pass this up once we came across it. This video is as solid as it gets in regards to the importance of our 2nd Amendment... Read More
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