Permitless Purse Carry And More! Gun Laws Go Into Effect In Mississippi
SOUTHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI -- July 1 marked the date when new Mississippi gun laws went into effect.  In Mississippi, it is now legal to carry a... Read More
Kansas – Congratulations! You May Now Collect On Your Right To Constitutional Carry!
TOPEKA, KANSAS -- KMBZ reports that today marks the first day that Kansas' permitless concealed carry law goes into effect.  All across the state,... Read More
US Appeals Court: No Firearms On U.S. Postal Property At All. Sorry, Parking Lot!
Last October, our now-absent writer Maureen explained a court case in which a man was trying to get the ok to carry his firearm on U.S. Post Office... Read More
How Hard Is It To Take Your Handgun To Canada?
Some of the very best hunting and fishing in North America can be found in Canada.  However, our brother to the North does not have the same... Read More
Journalists Up In Arms As Ohio Senate Tries To Shield Concealed Carrier Identities
TOLEDO, OHIO -- Journalists watch scornfully as Sen. Joe Uecker brings a near identical copy of his 2013 bill to the floor.  This bill would bar... Read More
“Good Reason” Is Back In DC… Why Are We Not Surprised?
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. put a hold on the condition that D.C. residents needed to demonstrate "good... Read More
NH Could Be Number Eight!!! Constitutional Carry Bill Reaches Hassan’s Desk
CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- It's official!  New Hampshire Senate Bill 116 (permitless concealed carry) has reached the desk of our beloved Governor... Read More
North Carolina Gun Rights Take A Big Step Back
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- North Carolina House of Representatives had two bills on the floor which would effectively end the antiquated pistol... Read More
Want To Go Shooting At Daytona Beach? One Bar Owner Wants To Make It Happen.
DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA -- The Daytona Beach Planning Board is currently hearing a proposal to open an indoor range within the same establishment as a... Read More
In Iowa, The Legally Blind Are Granted Concealed Carry Permits. Who’s To Say It’s Good Or Bad?
DES MOINES, IOWA -- In Iowa law, there is no stipulation for the denial of a concealed carry permit based upon physical limitation.  This includes... Read More
Here Is The Same-sex Marriage Victory Speech, If It Were Written For A Constitutional Carry Victory
By Scott F. Here is Scott's take on the President's same-sex marriage speech, had it been written for Constitutional Carry instead. Our nation... Read More
SCOTUS Says Yes To Gay Marriage, And (Maybe) Also Constitutional Carry; Here’s Why
By Ripcord (via TheTruthAboutGuns.com) Today’s ruling by SCOTUS on same sex marriage has the left jumping for joy and many on the right... Read More
Convicted Felon Kills Armed Robber – Potentially Avoids Gun Charge
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- When the Breadbox convenience store in Knoxville was being held up at gunpoint by an 18 year old thug, it was an armed... Read More
Why Wait 48? Gov Walker Repeals 48 Hour Wait And Expands WI Gun Rights!
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Gov. Scott Walker plans on continuing to expand gun rights in Wisconsin by signing in two measures into law - Senate bills 35... Read More
NJ Man Denied Firearm Purchase Permit Because Of Wife’s Prior Felonies
TRENTON, NEW JERSEY -- A southern New Jersey man cannot buy guns because his wife's prior felonies and a misdemeanor domestic violence offense... Read More